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Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph Black Ceramic Edition

Front of Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph Black Ceramic Edition

At Baselworld 2016, Seiko have announced a tourbillon from their Credor collection (review forthcoming), but the mainstay of their products are three hand watches, with the odd GMT. The SGBC003 Spring Drive Chronograph was introduced in 2007 and is an in-house developed column wheel chronograph with the Caliber 9R86. The

Longines Vintage Watch- Heritage Dive Chronograph

Front of Heritage Dive Chronograph

The Heritage Dive Chronograph,a watch cteated from Heritage collection,it is a pretty rich trove of timepieces that offer pretty great value in one form or another. This watch is a 1960s style; like its mate, the time-only Longines Heritage Diver it is based on a model Longines originally produced in

Unique Ulysse Nardin 18k White Gold FreakLab Watch

Unique Ulysse Nardin 18k White Gold FreakLab Watch

Ulysse Nardin keeps upping the ante on their seminal silicon watch , adding more features and increasing the durability and performance of the system. At its heart, the watch features the entire silicon gear train on the dial which is actually located on the minute hand. Lately, Ulysse Nardin releases

Fossil’s Entry Into Smartwatches

Fossil's Entry Into Smartwatches

Fossil recently announced a line of smartwatches and so becomes one of the newest non-tech players in the wearable technology space. Companies like Nike  and Adidas have all made forays into wearable technology , but some of them have failed and others have yet to attain major success. Nike’s band was abandoned, and Under Armour’s

Era Hautlence Vortex Watch hands-on


Hautlence may some people, watch brainiacs for creating watches with very odd and advanced searching dials, everyone knows the jump hrs, the retrograde minutes, the funky colour combinations along with a completely different perspective on mechanical watchmaking… they’re essentially the awesome kids you need to spend time with however your

Top Ten Watches To Go Somewhere With


If this involves categorizing watches, we often get them organized through the strict reasons their styles were initially intended for. That means an enormous amount of watches for diving, pilot watches, racing watches, formal watches, business watches, etc... A category that just loosely is available within the traditional sense but

TAG Heuer Silverstone re-edition launch


TAG Heuer celebrated the launch from the new Silverstone re-edition by holding a launch event last evening in the Mclaren Technical Center outdoors based in London. The big event also marked the 25th anniversary from the relationship between Mclaren and TAG Heuer,  that was a great excuse to obtain Lewis