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Sinn 240 St Gz Watch Hands-On

Amid the releases from the usual big brands at Baselworld 2017, Sinn introduced a new piece, the Sinn 240 St Gz watch, which has the ability to track tides with the help of an internal rotating bezel. Though the twin-crown, barrel-shaped 240 models have been around for some time, this is

Sinn BLU1 Limited Edition Watch For Page & Cooper

The historic Frankfurt am Main factory established in 1961 that has served as the spiritual birthplace for the last two decades of Sinn watches will close at the end of the summer as the brand relocates to a larger manufactory to accommodate recent growth. This is not before it produces one more

Sinn 358 DIAPAL Watch Hands-On

If there were any watch out there that embodies the unfussy tool watch, the Sinn 358 DIAPAL must be near the top of the list - even though the same could be said of a great number of watches from the quintessentially German brand. DIAPAL, by the way, is Sinn's

Sinn 910 Anniversary Split-Seconds Chronograph Watch

2016 marks the 55th anniversary for Sinn, and to celebrate, the hard-working German brand has released a small series of watches punctuating the occasion – including this Sinn 910 Anniversary chronograph from its Frankfurt Financial District collection. But being Sinn, and being a commemorative edition, this isn’t just another chronograph

New Sinn DIN 8330 Certified Aviator Watches

What defines a "dive watch?" If you look for the most literal interpretation, you're likely to find ISO 6425, which outlines a strict set of internationally defined guidelines for functionality, durability, and legibility, ultimately governing what can and cannot be officially referred to as a true "dive watch." Along those

Sinn EZM 12 Air Rescue Watch Hands-On

Battlefield medics and first responders call it “the platinum ten” – the ten crucial minutes between arrival, triage, treatment, and evacuation of a victim in a crisis health situation, a span where every second counts and every decision made can spell the difference between life and death. Teased in the