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Longines Vintage Watch- Heritage Dive Chronograph

Front of Heritage Dive Chronograph

The Heritage Dive Chronograph,a watch cteated from Heritage collection,it is a pretty rich trove of timepieces that offer pretty great value in one form or another. This watch is a 1960s style; like its mate, the time-only Longines Heritage Diver it is based on a model Longines originally produced in the pre-quartz era.  Front of Heritage Dive Chronograph
Both the old and the new versions share an inner rotating bezel, controlled from a crown located at 10 o’clock. Probably the biggest difference between the two is the movement; the original was driven by the Valjoux 72, everyone’s favorite tractor/go-to chronograph movement from the post-war/pre-quartz era; the new version’s powered by what Longines calls the L651, which based on the different level of the chronograph pushers and crown, appears to be  a modular chrono of some description.  In any case, it ain’t a Valjoux 72.

One doesn’t really hold that against the watch, though, as at this price point in general you don’t find in-house movements in any case (an alert reader has pointed out that a notable exception is the Seiko Brightz series of automatic chronographs. –ed.) Probably a more valid point of comparison would be another fan favorite, the IWC Portugieser Chronograph, which comes in at a higher price point with a Sellita version of the venerable 7750 Side of Heritage Dive Chronograph 02As with many of our favorite watches in the Value Proposition, there’s no one thing that is really make-or-break about the Heritage Chrono Diver, it’s really all the little details that make the whole thing stand up and sing, and especially for vintage watch and vintage dive watch lovers, the retention of such things as the faceted outer bezel, the helmet-style case, the red/white/black color scheme, and the crisp radial brushing on the top of the case, all conspire to make the watch a solidly satisfying presence on the wrist. Chronograph pusher feel doesn’t have the silk pyjama smoothness of a Lange or Patek but then, you aren’t paying Lange or Patek prices either – and it’s still pleasantly crisp, smooth and consistent. The Heritage Diver Chrono comes on a very well made rubber strap with folding clasp as well.Side of Heritage Dive Chronograph 03It’s definitely one of the sharper looking vintage-styled watches out there right now and its burly good looks go a long way towards proving just how well the design has aged – of its era, for sure, but also with an enduring appeal to go along with the tough-guy handsomeness. Great style, no skimping on materials, solid construction – all in all, we think a very strong Value Proposition.