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Louis Moinet Mecanograph Watch Review

The Louis Moinet Mecanograph does away with most restrictions that seem to have applied to dress watches: its case is wide and thick, the half-faced dial is bold and unique, and the first impression it makes is a powerful one that lacks subtlety. Nevertheless, thanks to its elaborate details, mono-chromatic looks, and beautiful finishing, not

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch Set

You are looking at the one-of-a-kind Meteoris from watch maker Louis Moinet. Meteoris is a set of four watches and this artfully-made mechanical planetarium. The set is for the serious astrological and horological connoisseur. Clearly very expensive, the set has some interesting features that are worth knowing about. Looking at

Louis Moinet Astralis Watch

New from Louis Moinet is the Astralis - a nice tourbillon-based watch that is a bitch to photograph. I swear, it is as though the watch keeps saying to me "I am for private eyes only." There are going to be only 12 of these in the limited edition so

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Tudor is one of the hottest brands around now thanks to its super popular Heritage Black Bay watches. They look great, and they are priced affordably. What’s more, Tudor also happens to be the sister brand of Rolex, which means they are built to the same exacting standards as Rolex

Louis Moinet Memoris Anniversary Special Edition Watch

Louis Moinet Memoris 2016

Louis Moinet launched an anniversary version of its Memoris timepiece, created for the bicentenary of the Chronograph. It unveiled at Baselworld 2016 comes in a limited edition of 20 pieces. For this very special edition, Memoris will be housed in a 46 mm rose gold case, whose 52 parts are held

Louis Moinet Vertalor Tourbillon Pink Gold Watch Hands On

Front of Louis Moinet Vertalor Tourbillon watch

To celebrate the special anniversary, Louis Moinet launched the Vertalor Tourbillon, a remarkable timepiece featuring a tourbillon with a cage hanging from a three-armed bridge This dress watch available in two limited editions of 28 pieces in pink gold.   Positioned at 6 o’clock, this beautiful Louis Moinet tourbillon performs one full