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The advanced options of these three diving watches are indeed rare!

Diving watches are the most sought-after type of sports watch in today’s market. I frequently introduce diving watches to you. There are many options in this year’s diving market. The brand is still strong. Three new advanced diving watches are among the products. They retail for around 200,000 Yuan. Last time we recommend Panerai watch,this time we recommend another three watches.

Let’s take a look at the three watches and compare their different designs. To integrate into the diving watch

Ulysse Nardin Diving Series 3723-170LE-2A-BLACK/3B

Ulysse Nardin’s diving series DIVERX hollow watch is a departure from tradition. The diving watch is also available in a hollow design. The brand just released a strong black model that features brighter Eye black and yellow colors to deduce. The watch’s black theme is back from the blue model, with the addition of blue carbon fiber material. This series of watches’ diving bezels are made from carbon cation material (Carbonium(r), an ultra-light aviation grade material used often in modern aircraft’s fuselage wings). It is strong, durable. It is similar to forged carbon but with a natural stone texture. The carbon combined with the black-plated aluminum case makes the 44mm diameter very light. This watch’s hollow dial combines the best of both the DIVER X watch and the SKELETON X hollow watch designs. It is transparenter than the SKELETON X because it has a rectangular frame. It was a topic of conversation. Some watch friends suggested that the X element design could also be considered a four-part division on the disk surface. The transmission system, winding clutch structure and mainspring box are clearly separated. Displayed on a flat plate. The UN-372 watch movement is a modified version of the UN-371 original movement. This watch’s structural requirements were better met by the special designed chain. A full chain can provide a power reserve of 96 hours. The watch can withstand water up to 300 meters. The watch comes with a yellow rubber strap and a black RSTRAP strap made from recycled fishing nets.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 554-3640-O52

Blancpain introduced the Fifty Fathoms series, which includes two full-calendar lunar phase watches. It was launched in June. There are two styles to the new works: titanium alloy and red gold. We’ll start with precious metals, no matter which one I like the best. shape. Submersibles that have full moon phases on a calendar have been very popular because of their main design, which combines two classic Blancpain features. The classic Fifty Fathoms diving watch series is one. The other is the full-calendar moon phase function, which represents the traditional design of the brand’s watchmaking. The new version measures 43mm and features a sharply contoured, 43mm case with multi-faceted finishing. Blancpain, made of red gold and finished with a satin-brushed finishing. The bright blue ceramic inlaid rotating bezel is reminiscent of the blue gradient dial. It’s also decorated with sun patterns. The watch’s full calendar function is available at 12 o’clock. The day and month are set at noon. The inner circle of this calendar is used with a central red hand. The large moon phase window displays the Blancpain logo in a smiley face at 6 o’clock. It is clear that Blancpain has performed a delicate polishing of the 6654.P selfwinding movement. As an option, the watch can be fitted with either a navy blue canvas strap or a NATO blue military NATO strap.

Reef Tiger Gaia’s Light RT-1Automatic Men’s Watch# RGA90S7 – TSBR

The Gaia’s Light was designed and manufactured in Switzerland using a particulate blasting hexagonal steel skeleton. It measures 48mm. The diver watch cases and frames are made from 316L stainless steel. They are fine polished and have a natural metallic luster. The panel and rack were made by microbead blasting/grinding and then coated with black PVD. High quality Mohs 9 sapphire glass, scratch-resistant and wear-proof, with double convex lenses to zoom in the dial. Anti-glare coating on the lens.