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Moisturizing things silently – Breguet 5367 ultra-thin automatic tourbillon watch

Last time we recommend IWC watch,this time we recommend Breguet watch.Breguet, the grandfather of the watch business, has been innovating for 247 years. He also keeps the tradition alive, and overcomes the many challenges that have arose in different historical periods. The world was thrilled to see the 5377 ultra-thin tourbillon watch, which is the inventor of the tourbillon in 2013, that Breguet had once again fulfilled its mission. Inherent cognition for flywheel watch.

Today’s 5367 was born from the 5377, which had a significant influence on the development tourbillon watches. The 5367 has the display function removed from the 5377 and the enamel plate replaced the guilloche. The tourbillon function was transferred from the pocket watch to watch. However, due to its high-quality appearance and difficult operation, many brands began to label the watch. The tourbillon watch of the first line brand has been synonymous with the high-end, million-level and noble watch.

These labels are what make traditional tourbillon watches so solemn. The tourbillon must be in the most prominent position on the watch. The appearance of 5377 changed people’s perceptions about the traditional tourbillon. The tourbillon watch can be worn low-key like a dress watch.

This could be because 5377’s low-key, luxurious style is very popular. So we have 5367, a low-key enhanced 5367 version that we will discuss today. It is not a skill to make a simple watch lively, but it is skill to make a complicated watch low-key. The watch’s tourbillon is very unusual. Secondly, the tourbillon is not well-polished, making it extremely secretive. Breguet won’t be bored enough to create a watch that has an exposed balance wheel. Secondly, he doesn’t need to show his skills in making a tourbillon. Breguet sees the tourbillon as nothing more than an advanced escapement. That’s it!

This watch is not only small and lightweight, but it’s also extremely powerful. The silicon hairspring can effectively stop magnetism. The hollow silicon escape wheel of negligible weight improves travel time and contributes significantly to the 80-hour battery. . The store’s 5367 today is a special edition. It’s a blue Grand Feu enamel plat. It is priced at the same price as the platinum white enamel plate 5367 which costs 1.24 million. It’s a great example of understated luxury at this price.

Reef Tiger Artist Grand Master Automat Mens Watch # RGA1980-PWS

The Grand Master Casual Watches incorporates traditional elements. It has a 41mm diameter and a thickness of 10mm. The watch’s case is elegant and soft. The arc design and the gear-shaped bezel head give it a retro feel. The Reef Tiger Grand Master watch is a sophisticated, high-end design. The power reserve indicator is located at the 10 o’clock spot on the dial. The RT7180 self winding movement has a 43 hour power reserve. At 3 o’clock, the date display is pointer-type. You can adjust the date using the accessory tool by pressing the correction button located at 2 o’clock on the watch case.