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6 Basic Watches for Runners


Modern running watches have extremely complex functionality and get expensive quickly. But there is great value to be had at lower prices, too, both from watches that simply tell you elapsed time and record lap splits to GPS trackers that are dead simple to use. Here are some of the

Runners and GPS system

Last week, the U.S. Air Force invited Runner’s World, along with nearly a dozen other magazines, to the Pentagon for a day of seminars and interviews. One thing we wanted to understand was why our GPS watches don’t always record the correct distance. Turns out, the Air Force isn’t responsible for

8 New GPS Watches suitable for Runners

Once reserved for national security, GPS now fulfills our most personal training goals: Better pacing! Smarter coaching! More convincing humble-brags! The best GPS devices on the market today bundle satellite tracking with other high-tech features, like heart-rate monitors and Bluetooth audio for instant feedback on roads, and barometric altimeters to