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Porsche Design Huawei Smartwatch

Porsche Design quietly announced a smartwatch that they designed for electronics manufacturer Huawei - in the simply named "Porsche Design Huawei Smartwatch." This follows a rather mature tradition of the design company working with third-party electronics manufacturers to produce higher-end "designer" versions of otherwise more mainstream products. For years the

Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 Debuts

The Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 is the first watch to debut from the new "independent" Porsche Design watch brand. We first spoke about the upcoming Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1 here, when discussing Porsche Design's plans to produce their own watches after breaking up with long-term production partner Eterna. You

Porsche Design Timepiece No.1 Hands-On

Porsche Design Timepiece No.1 – sounds like an interesting model name for a company that has been designing watches for over 40 years. In October 2014, we brought to you the first news of the Porsche Design Timepiece No.1, and at Baselworld 2015 – although the company was not exhibiting, as it is still in a transitional

Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Review

The Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch is a fantastic timepiece for those able to appreciate what it does and where it came from. For everyone else, it will be just another pretty, albeit strange diving watch with a popular name on the dial. While I believe there are still plenty