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Bulgari Diagono Scuba Watch In Cheerful Colors

It is often an uphill battle for fashion brands to be accepted by watch enthusiasts, but Bulgari has thoroughly proven their dedication to the segment with everything from ultra high-end complications to more down-to-earth and practical luxury watches such as the Bulgari Diagono Scuba. New for summer 2017 are several

Bulgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph Watches Hands-On

If you like modern chronograph sport watches, it might be in your best interest to take a good look at the new-for-2016 versions of the Bulgari Diagono Chronograph collection. In the past, Bulgari hasn't been shy about producing a vast range of Diagono timepieces, as the Diagono collection continues to

Bulgari Octo Velocissimo Chronograph Watch Review

The octagon: ancient yet timeless, simple yet complex, common yet unique. These are some rather impressive attributes not just for a geometric shape but for... well... anything, really. It should be no wonder, then, that one of the most highly praised watch designers of all time, a certain Gerald Genta, also preferred

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends August 5, 2016

We are kicking off this round-up with one of our special car-and-watch reviews. If you love the roar of large V8s, then you will enjoy this one because we have a very special car, a Superformance Shelby Cobra, which is an almost perfect replica of the legendary Shelby Cobra. In addition,

Bulgari Octo Solotempo 38mm Watch Is For Sleeves

Bulgari is right to be heavily focused on further fleshing out the Octo watch collection given the attractive and distinctive shape of the Gerald Genta-designed case. Bulgari today has taken this now iconic design (that was ironically overshadowed for a number of years prior to Bulgari's inclusion of it in

Bulgari High Jewelry & Fine Watchmaking For Ladies: History & Present

Special aBlogtoWatch Content for Bulgari Finer details of watchmaking, including different finishing techniques and proprietary movement construction solutions are very much common knowledge among watch enthusiasts. Haute joaillerie, or "high jewelry," on the other hand, is a more rarely discussed element in these circles, even though it is very much an integral

Record-Thin Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic Watch Hands-On

While most big brands seem to be saving their R&D pennies for another year as they dedicate 2017 to celebrating, ahem, their "heritage" and paying homage to watches their predecessors had made anywhere between 1917 and 1976, we saw the quiet debut of a competitively priced, record-setting, ultra-thin, and yet decidedly bold watch with the Bulgari Octo Finissimo

The History & Present Of The Bulgari Serpenti

Special aBlogtoWatch Content for Bulgari Recently, we took a close look at The History & Present Of High Jewelry & Fine Watchmaking For Ladies By Bulgari, where we discovered some of the most important creations of the brand, both in the fields of jewelry and ladies' watches. Today, the subject of