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Swarovski Octea Sport Ladies’ Watch

Swarovski is making bold moves, ladies! (Guys, be at least idly aware). While other brands are scaling back and trying to focus on how to stay relevant in these times - Swarovski is taking their beloved crystals and developing their own line of watches, to properly exhibit the beauty - on

Baselworld 2016-Exquisite Swarovski Crystalline Hours

Swarovski Crystalline Hours 03

The Crystalline Hours is the first Swarovski women's watch with a Swiss-made automatic movement. It debuted at Baselworld 2016. The Crystalline Hours Watch features beautiful crystalline lines, which are eye-catching and glamorous, making it a perfect watch for a night out or a special occasion. The Crystalline Hours Watch was created

A Fancy Watch For Fashion Guys-Swarovski Timepiece

A Fancy Watch For Fashion Guys-Swarovski Timepiece

This glamorous, on-trend Swarovski timepiece is a Swiss quartz which impresses with its innovative oval shape and rose gold color. It case with a oval frame and rose gold-tone coated stainless steel outer ring.This Swarovski  Watch circular inner ring filled with approximately 1’700 clear crystals. The dial rose sunray with rose gold-tone

Swarovski Octea Abyssal Automatic Watch

During the last couple of years I've really respected the gathering of watches from Swarovski. They offered nicely designed quarta movement watches with many different awesome personality and costs that are not totally crazy. The only issue was that they are each lady watches... bummer. My personal favorite model was