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Bremont Solo-32 Is English Brand’s First Ladies’ Watch

The comeback of ladies’ classics is an aesthetic preference, one that is partly driven by an economic climate that calls for real-life accessibility and practicality. But that does not mean boring. The new ladies' Bremont Solo-32, introduced at Baselworld in March, is a new-generation classic that demonstrates how far the genre has come

Bremont Comet DH-88 Limited Edition Watch

Excited voices and the cacophony of piston engines roaring to life shattered the brisk October dawn at Mildenhall – a usually peaceful English airfield where 20 pilots from six nations would soon take flight on a grueling 18,000-kilometer journey to Melbourne... It wouldn’t be a Bremont release without the English brand’s

Bremont Supermarine S300 & S301 Dive Watches Hands-On

We’re freshly back from a quick trip to England where we attended Bremont’s first alt-Baselworld event. Dubbed “Basel-on-Thames,” this was our chance to see Bremont’s latest releases amid the glittering backdrop of their iconic hometown. From the Bremont Townhouse in central London to their headquarters in the sprawling British countryside

Bremont U2/T Limited Edition Watch Review

The Bremont U2/T is a limited edition watch produced by Bremont especially for the American retailer Timeless Luxury Watches based in Texas. Limited edition watches made exclusively for retailers is becoming more and more popular these days, even if it is a practice that has heritage going back many (many)

Bremont U2/T Limited Edition By Timeless Luxury Watches

Sponsored Post One of the great things about having friends in amazing watch companies like Bremont, Nomos, and Damasko is that you can, when the stars align just right, answer the question: “Wouldn’t it be cool if they made a watch like this?” It’s a question that every watch collector has

Bremont Explores The Past & Present Of Watchmaking In The UK

Sponsored Post written by co-founder of Bremont Watches, Nick English. It is not completely unexpected to find that the world sets its time by Greenwich and not by Geneva. Whilst Geneva and Switzerland may be producing the vast majority of luxury wristwatches today, this certainly wasn’t always the case. In 1800 half

Bremont Watch Line Up For 2017 Announced

British watch maker Bremont's London-based "Basel-On-Thames" event has officially started, and they have announced a broad swath of new models and line extensions. The press wave of the event kicks off this coming Wednesday and we will be on site in London to bring you hands-on impressions soon enough. To

Bremont AIRCO Mach 1 & Mach 2 Watches Hands-On

Announced last week as part of their London-based Baselworld replacement event, the new Bremont AIRCO represents an entirely new look for the brand's first 40mm pilot's watch. Actually, it's arguably two new looks. Launched alongside the new 40mm S300 and S301 divers we showed you here, the Bremont AIRCO is

Car & Watch Review: Jaguar XJ & Bremont Jaguar MkI

I had an interesting mental moment recently when cruising around in Jaguar's XJ - their flagship all-purpose sedan - while wearing the Bremont Jaguar MkI timepiece. The car has one of those all-digital screen instrument panels, while the timepiece's dial is of course all analog. Trends like that are common