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Patrizzi Talks Only Watch 2009 Video

Really soon (6pm on September 24th) it will be time for the Only Watch 2009 watch auction. I summed up the detail a bit here, and here. Click there to get the specs on it all. Frankly I am a bit tired of writing "Only Watch" 2009, but just because

Chaumet Class One Loris Cecchini Limited Edition Watch

Chaumet Class One Loris Cecchini

This elegant Chaumet partnered with an artist who came from Italy. It is a limited eiditon watch inspired by his aquatic creations. The watch sold in a limited edition of 300. Given carte blanche, Cecchini chose to reinterpret Chaumet’s bestselling Class One ladies’ dive watch with a dial and strap bearing a motif

Special edition – Class One Tourbillon automatic watch in white gold or platinum, paved with diamonds, diameter of 42 mm (XL model)

Chaumet watches

- situation (109g), dial (3rd generation) and buckle (24,35g) in 18K rhodium-plated white gold or platinum - bezel and case-side fully paved with 33 baguette-cut black diamonds et 85 baguette-cut white diamonds (16,7cts) - case-back and bezel sides paved with 14 baguette-cut white diamonds et 211 brilliant-cut black diamonds (1,8cts) - dial fully