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Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 7 Watch

The Histoire de Tourbillon series is going to get Harry Winston in trouble. Seeing how every iteration of this series of incredible legacy watches has gotten exponentially more and more complex every year, we’re starting to wonder how on Earth will they be able to deliver something that can up the

Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 6 Watch

Harry Winston has recently announced another chapter in their Histoire de Tourbillon line, the Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 6. It is traditionally one of the most complicated watches, but released with the least amount of usable illustrations - you guessed it: one front view. To sum it all up

Harry Winston Opus 14 Watch

Today, as we are in Baden-Baden, Germany, with Harry Winston, we have some terrific news for the fans of independent watchmaking: the Harry Winston Opus 14 watch has, at last, been revealed. Pursuing a '50s America vibe and featuring some automaton mechanisms inspired by the iconic record changer machines of the era,

Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 8 Watch

Just when we gambled that Harry Winston might not be able to outdo its mind-boggling Histoire de Tourbillon 7 released last year, the renowned jeweler has just announced the Histoire de Tourbillon 8 – the latest in an ongoing series of tourbillon watches whose degree of complication and unconventional design

Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time Automatic Watch

It's probably quite a good sign when a watch appears both familiar and radical in the same glance. The overall sense I get from the Harry Winston Avenue Dual Time Automatic watch is that it slots neatly into the category of Art Deco masterpiece, but under further scrutiny, each of

Harry Winston Project Z10 Watch

Harry Winston’s Project Z collection has been around for over a decade now, and the famed jeweler and watch maker has recently shown off the 10th watch in the collection. Dubbed very simply the Harry Winston Project Z10 watch, this watch, like its predecessors, features the use of Zalium and