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The Power of Big Data


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the rise of wearable fitness technology, and whether its benefits will be able to match its hype. In many respects, I remain a skeptic that technology is really an improvement over learning to monitor your own feelings and sensations. But, as I wrote in the

How To Wear A Watch With Style


You’re in an interview. It’s your dream job. You’re confident, prepared, and dressed to impress. Just before it starts the interviewer asks the time, and there it is. Your digital stopwatch with the rubber band. FAIL.  The first impression has been made. Ok, maybe that scenario is a little inflated. But believe it or not, there is

The Apple Watch Series 2

The new Apple Watch, announced last week and available starting September 16, arrived at Runner’s World HQ in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, this week. The new watch puts a greater emphasis on fitness than earlier models. Here are some brief thoughts after unboxing the watch and taking it for its first run. We’ll