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How to wind the watch correctly?

How to wind the watch correctly? Winding is the source of mechanical watches to obtain the power of travel time, but also the most intimate communication between you and the watch. Due to different movements, winding is divided into manual winding and automatic winding.
The self-winding watch can accumulate the energy generated by the wearer’s daily activities through the automatic rotor installed in the movement. However, if you have not worn a watch that has been stopped for a long time, it is also recommended to use manual winding to replenish the power before wearing it again before wearing it. To avoid time errors during the wearing process.
The difference between a mechanical watch and a quartz watch is that a wrist watch has a mechanical and a quartz watch. For different watches, it needs to be used in different ways. For example, a mechanical watch needs to wind the watch frequently, and it will be more accurate with enough power. Also for quartz watches, it is necessary to keep the movement battery in a charged state, and replace the battery in a timely manner as soon as there is no power. When adjusting the time, keep the hands rotating clockwise. Try not to rotate the hands counterclockwise. The same goes for adjusting the calendar to avoid damage to the movement.