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Excessive maintenance and repair is a waste of money!

After you wear a men’s watch, you will find that the watch movements that popularize you should be washed and maintained regularly. Some people even confuse watch movements with car engine maintenance. When the car engine reaches a certain mileage, it must be maintained. But watch movements are not the same as car engines. In general, as long as the watch does not have any errors such as increased travel time or stop, there is no need to maintain and wash the oil.


Because as long as there is any trouble with your mechanical watch, all maintenance personnel will tell you that the movement should be washed with oil. In the process of washing oil, the movement will be dismantled. Generally, the cheapest mechanical watch maintenance washing oil is not less than 500 yuan. Maintenance and repair are mutually reinforcing. During the maintenance process, 95% of your movement parts will be notified that they are damaged and need to be replaced.


In itself, movement parts will indeed wear out, but this is the key to revenue generation. Therefore, you do not need to wash the oil before the watch fails. The most important thing in the positioning of value is the sense of identity. As a luxury product, mechanical watch is not important. Importantly, almost everyone knows that it is expensive and has a sense of identity. It’s like, the most useless function of Hermes bag is to load things. Many big-name clothing and shoes do not support cleaning because they should be discarded after wearing them for a while. But this does not affect people can sell a high price.