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Watches are the best single items that symbolize taste and wealth.

Because the watch itself is relatively high-end! It is not in the category of daily necessities, but it is the best single symbol of taste and wealth. Especially for men, this symbol is particularly obvious. Because in the purchase of watches, men account for 70% to 75%. Therefore, in a sense, men’s mechanical watches are men’s accessories.
Formal wear, cufflinks, men’s watches, these four things can be regarded as the most representative men’s equipment. They are all decent objects that belong to men, and all belong to high-end items. But why does the little lion only say that men wearing watches look rich? Because watches appear more frequently in daily life, and the public has more knowledge More versatile. Next we analyze.
The first is formal wear. Formal wear is the clothing worn by men at formal occasions. For business negotiations, weddings and other occasions, formal wear is required. Private custom-made, high-end brands, and mass clothing are all ways for men to choose formal wear.But I have to say that if it is not a professional, it is really difficult to distinguish the difference, let alone good or bad. The only difference is that some formal clothes will make men look more handsome, but people usually attribute this handsomeness to their face value.