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Hands-on Seiko Astron Titanium Review


So, I must admit which I don’t own lots of quarta movement watches besides the vintage Seiko 7A38 I simply examined. Actually, I rarely buy automatic watches any more when I enjoy winding a wrist watch every day. Therefore, it had been just a little odd when Robert-Jan shot us a note asking if I’d want to consider testing Seiko’s latest Astron, a wrist watch that’s clearly around the opposite spectrum from mechanical. However, I’m the resident “Seiko guy” around the team and I’m even the one most often found hopping interior and exterior timezones, so there is certainly logic behind the request. Me being me, though, I showed up at some subjects that I’ll make an effort to address with this particular Seiko Astron hands-on experience besides the normal “how will it wear” and “how will it look” bit. No, things I actually want to discuss is if this electric motivated piece has any soul and, possibly another way, when the Astron is sensible and helpful or simply another gimmick that manages to lose its luster following the initial awe subsides. Time for you to jet set and see…


As pointed out, it was not without trepidation which I recognized the mammoth Seiko Astron box from Robert-Jan as he travelled to satisfy me in the Seiko Frankfurt boutique opening. I am talking about, here’ was, all on the day that, looking forward to the outlet of Seiko’s boutique within my current home town, yet a little worried about taking delivery of 1 of the flagship pieces that lacks an analog heartbeat. Would the Astron tarnish the company for me personally or bolster my popularity of the marque cellular its great mission introducing innovation into its watches? I’d soon discover, however let’s discuss exactly what the Seiko Astron is and just what it may do.

Seiko Astron…The Specs

The Seiko Astron the thing is here’s model SSE023J. It is a boutique special, a minimum of in certain nations; also it rings in at a listing cost of 2400 Pounds within the Netherlands. This version consists of titanium, consists of a ceramic bezel, and azure very. It arrives with a crocodile strap and stainless deployant buckle.   It’s water-resistant against 100m and dimensions at 44.6mm across having a 22mm carry width. It features Seiko’s in-house, quarta movement, 8X82 movements. It’s powered by batteries but could be billed using photo voltaic and it has an energy reserve of roughly 6 several weeks without having to be uncovered to light or 24 months in energy save mode. From the complication perspective, the Astron is really a chronograph (analyzes to five hrs and 59 minutes), consists of to start dating? A continuous calendar and it has a Gps navigation function to get the starting time and date, and functions like a world timer for 40 different timezones. The movement, incidentally, is accurate to /- just a few seconds monthly when the Gps navigation sits dormant to manage the timepiece.

False start for that Seiko Astron but a legendary recovery!

Thanks your aside, there’s nothing that can compare with the expertise of opening a brand new watch to see it the very first time. Eschewing all of the concerns pointed out above, I had been just a little cautious about seeing the Seiko Astron. Frankly, in the press pictures, there is a lot happening around the dial and that I worried it would look almost digital personally. Well, I needn’t have worried. The Astron impressed me in the beginning using its quality. Yes, there’s lots of detail, but because I’ll continuously mention, it’s all well-handled and also the small things are crafted with “Grand Seiko-esque” precision. After gawking in internet marketing for any couple of minutes, with Robert-Jan by my side, he requested me to take it out of this area, adjust the strap, and test the fit. Oof…Seiko, there exists a problem.


Ok, the issue which I experienced wasn’t Seiko’s fault but more my ancestor’s. If you’ve read my other articles, you’ll recall which I possess the arms of the toddler. Within this situation, though, the big watch mind didn’t make the problem. After I did my favorite to regulate the Aston’s well-made crocodile strap, I wound up having a strap tail similar to after I make use of the brand’s well-known ventilated rubber pieces. So, the Seiko Astron came off and that I required phone bottom from the carry area only to discover the Japanese company almost suspected I’d have this problem since the strap consists of nice little cutouts to supply accessibility spring bars.

Using the strap removed and hidden in to the box, I fitted tan leather 22mm NATO. Problem solved but here we are at some commentary about this near miss…

To become fair, the Seiko Astron can be obtained with metal or rubber options, so these may well be a good option, but had I walked in to the shop like a I prospective buyer of this specific watch, I’d have remaining empty handed. Throughout testing, I made use of a few different NATO’s around the Astron with respect to the day’s activities and that i published several images of each strap option on my small personal Instagram account (decent quantity of fans) and also the Fratello feed (10 x fans). I recognize that Instagram isn’t a science, but my layman’s takeaway is the fact that both feeds received much more “likes” than lots of other accounts posting Astrons, but additionally from individuals who don’t normally like or discuss non-mechanical watches.  Straps were a success and individuals loved the way they made the Seiko Astron appear more friendly and fun. I only bring this up because, first, Seiko is supplying NATO-like straps with a few of their watches now, and, second, we’ve got word our amazingly hospitable hosts at Seiko Netherlands were a little bit inflammed which I tried a “switcheroo” around the strap. Well, enjoy it or otherwise, the timepiece world today, new or vintage, loves to combine add-ons so why wouldn’t you offer one included in the package? Ok, hopefully I made my point…let’s continue.

Never be frightened of while using Seiko Astron…you can perform it!

Being an analog guy, watches, mechanical or quarta movement, with lots of complications intimidate me. Seriously, I own a number of digital watches from the most popular logo and each time I purchase them, I receive the piece home, examine the owner’s manual, test the timepiece, after which, poof, I forget using 99% from the functionality within fifteen minutes. Strike that, I virtually forget instantly and just begin using these insanely capable pieces to inform time. So that you can picture my inner quaking when Robert-Jan handed me a collection of copied A4-sized paper and stated, “here would be the instructions” towards the Seiko Astron. Again, though, my worries were unproven because the Astron is darn simple to use. Actually, I will take you step-by-step through the functions I believe you’ll really use and I’ll allow it to be understandable – I promise: let’s get it done!


Upper right button: Start-stop for that chronograph: simple and easy, like every normal chronograph.

Lower right button: Starts over the chronograph function…you’ll observe that both your hands always scroll clockwise to zero. Because this takes seconds, when the chrono is restarted throughout the totally reset transition with top of the right button, the Astron will instantly advance the central chrono hands past 12:00 where it “should be” including whenever you restarted it. Neat stuff…


Lower left button: Hold it lowers for several seconds and also the hands around the lower sub register suggests a plane. It’s a plane mode much like your phone that turns from the antenna so they won’t hinder a plane’s systems. Hold it lower for several seconds again to show the antenna back on.

Upper left button: Hold it lower for six seconds and also the lower sub register will spin and test signal strength and then try to “grab” a satellite signal. Top of the left sub register may ultimately toggle to “Y” or “N” to show you if your signal continues to be received just before modifying to fix time. Whole time altering procedure takes under 2 minutes. If it doesn’t work, just press again for six seconds and repeat.


Crown: Pull the crown out a single click and also the central chrono moves and points to the present time zone around the ceramic bezel. Turn the crown forward or back (it clicks gently when turning) to by hand adjust timezones if you’re not able to acquire a signal.

You will find other activities like energy reserve; daylight savings time functions, etc. that you can do however these could be rarely used. I give kudos to Seiko to make the Astron very easy and intuitive to make use of.


Putting on the Seiko Astron

I required the Astron beside me on the extended a vacation in the area of Gozo in Malta with my loved ones. Throughout a few days we visited, Malta became of register because the most popular place inside the entire EU with temps near or slight above 40. Imaginable then that warmth, sweat, suntan product and lengthy periods within the sea or pool were the normal conditions for that Seiko Astron.  Fortunately, the timepiece didn’t dissatisfy.


I pointed out the Seiko Astron includes a water proofing of 100m even though I most likely examined the timepiece to around 3% of their abilities, I found it an excellent partner for any Summer time vacation. First, it’s very light, which managed to get an easy put on in blazing warmth where just about any piece of clothing that dangles on our bodies seems like an anchor. I additionally like the truth that the types of materials, particularly the ceramic bezel and azure very, cleared up well after contact with greasy suntan product, sweat and all kinds of goopy baby food (yes, the timepiece was up well to my 10-month old – she likes to grab my watches).

I’d routinely toss the watch on the grey nylon material NATO for swimming and sweating after which switch to leather for supper. It performed the part well for casual and little more formal situations Irrrve never had a hankering for any mechanical piece to consider its place in a better restaurant. Also, as evening came on, I appreciated the great lume.


Talking about looks, the Seiko Astron has an abundance of particulars and depth to the dial. I spent considerable time searching only at that watch during vacation and that i really found appreciate its particulars. You’ll observe that top of the registers are encircled in rose gold that suits the primary hands and hour indices. The low register, though, is completed in polished steel.  In a few lights this isn’t apparent, however that all accumulates to some color plan that eventually ends up flowing perfectly but additionally one which matches just about everything, color-smart, that you’d finish up pairing by using it.   Also, the sub registers when seen in an position, most appear to drift on the top of dial it appears very awesome.  I should also spend a minute around the dial because my only other knowledge about photo voltaic watches is by using individuals that cost much less. On individual’s pieces, you are able to end up finding some hint from the photo voltaic cell with the dial and, in my experience a minimum of that looks a bit cheesy. Around the Astron, however, the dial is definitely an opaque, slightly metallic grey/crimson, which feels more costly. For this, I only say congratulations since it fits the general expensive feel (and cost) from the relaxation from the dial elements.

I spoke earlier about my have to fit some NATO straps towards the Seiko Astron. Throughout my week of just about solid putting on from the watch, it never felt too big or cumbersome. It fit the wrist well and that I never found me hitting the timepiece into doorframes or counter tops. Credit nicely curved lugs along with a relatively flat fit around the wrist. Also, as i didn’t get any “out from the blue” comments around the Astron, Used to do receive several glances towards my wrist while putting on it. Here, I believe our prime degree of finishing clearly attracted your eyes of others.