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Unique Fashion Accessories-Clerc Hydroscaph Diver Watch

Unique Fashion Accessories-Clerc Hydroscaph Diver Watch

The Clerc Hydroscaph has a unique design and an unusual locking mechanism. It also features an ultra-complex case construction and flexible lugs.

The Clerc Hydroscaph Chronograph is powered by a C608 automatic movement. We presume it is a modified ETA 2892 caliber equipped with a module. It is partially visible thanks to two small, porthole-like sapphire crystals in the caseback. The Clerc states that the 500-meter water-resistant case alone is made of 103 components, and if some of them were in fact supposed to act as more conveniently replaceable protectors then this would in theory allow an interesting approach as regards durability and, perhaps most of all, maintenance. Nevertheless, the unidirectional bezel, chronograph pushers and crown are probably a lot more likely to attract scratches and bumps, which might neutralize the benefit of removable case parts but still enhance the “technical” appearance of the watch.Unique Fashion Accessories-Clerc Hydroscaph Diver Watch

At 9 o’clock there’s a 24-hour display with day/night indication; at 3 o’clock, the running seconds hand. Interestingly, in this version only the minute hand seems to be covered with luminescent substance. which is of course the most consequential hand, but this decision doesn’t allow the wearer to make a quick check of the seconds hand in the dark to see if the watch is functioning– or to read the current time outdoors at night. We’re a bit torn, but would have preferred brighter lume in any case.At 10 o’clock the Hydroscaph features one of its signature elements: the bezel  can only be operated if the flap is retracted you can then either manually rotate the crown  or just rotate the bezel counter-clockwise by hand , which offers a nice tactile sensation.Unique Fashion Accessories-Clerc Hydroscaph Diver Watch

Since the chronograph functions are conveniently located centrally, you could even just use the orange hand (minutes) with the white central hand (seconds) if you are not planning a dive longer than 60 minutes. Otherwise you’d have a perfect way to additionally measure decompression stops. When not in use, the two hands are stacked one atop the other. In brief, if you have always felt that all dive watches look the same, you’d have to admit that Clerc has certainly managed to approach the category differently.Unique Fashion Accessories-Clerc Hydroscaph Diver Watch