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Pick of the Best Pearl Watches Fabergé, Chanel and Harry Winston


The popularity of pearls has even reached the world of watches, as The Jewellery Editor discovered when she paid a visit to Fabergé, Chanel and Harry Winston this year. Watch our new video to see how beautiful pearls are being incorporated into watch dials by some of the leading names in luxury jewellery and watches.


Pearls of all colors, shapes and sizes are so popular this year that we’re even seeing them in watches. I went along to Fabergé, Chanel and Harry Winston to see how mother of pearl and, in fact, even little pearls are being incorporated into watch dials.



Fabergé chose a different way to present mother of pearl in a watch, and you can see it in these carved mother-of-pearl leaves that are both on the dial and around the diamond bracelet. The watch is called Summer in Provence and it evokes a sensation of a hot lazy summer’s day in the south of France. The clever use of materials and color is very typical of Fabergé, and it reminds us of those famous Easter eggs with different layers of enamellings and colored gemstones.


My second pick is Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé jewellery watch, which offers a peek into Coco Chanel’s life and the materials she worked with. She loved pearls, we all know that, but it’s interesting that a couture house should choose embroidery as a way to embellish its dials. The beige silk has been carefully embroidered with silk threads and natural pearls to create a camellia flower.


My third choice is Harry Winston’s Midnight Stalactite watch, which recreates a winter scene of frozen diamond stalactites suspending over a shimmering mother-of-pearl dial. In fact, if you look at the watch upside down, the diamond stalactites glisten like skyscrapers against a shimmering sky.

With pearls so popular in jewellery, I suspect this is only just the beginning of what watchmakers are capable of doing with the beautiful pearl.