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IWC Presented Portugieser Annual Calendar In Memory Of 75th Anniversary

Front of Portugieser Annual Calendar ref. 5035 02

The Portugieser family  has been a platform for a number of different complications over the years, from self-winding chronographs to perpetual calendars, and all the way up to the very complex and extremely mechanically interesting Siderale Scafusia now they presented the new calender-Portugieser Annual Calendar.this watch is celebrate to IWC 75th anniversary.Front of Portugieser Annual Calendar ref. 5035The annual calendar, like the perpetual calendar, “knows” the correct length of every month except for the month of February, so it only has to be manually reset at the end of the month once per year . The annual calendar is sometimes thought of as a “useful” complication in that the cost is usually much lower than a perpetual, as is the complexity, and yet it still offers much of the same level of convenience. The Portugieser timepieces generally run between 42 and 45 mm in diameter and at 44.2 mm, in gold, the watch indisputably has what my former colleague at Revolution Magazine, Wei Koh, likes to call “ursine heft.Front of Portugieser Annual Calendar ref. 5035 dial 01

The Portugieser Annual Calendar is just a hair over 150 grams total and a fair bit of that is its red-gold case, but unlike many large gold watches, it doesn’t overwhelm the movement at all, which has more than enough ursine heft of its own to hold its own against the case. The movement has a large, beautifully finished rotor with a gold IWC medallion reading Probus Scafusia, and just as was the case all the way back in 2000, it swings with all the sense of a massive, well-oiled machine in motion that you get from watching a Texas oilman’s pumpjack in action. In fact the entire watch is a good balance of static and dynamic mass; the architecture of the case is very well emphasized by the rose gold, and there’s a lot here of what makes wearing a mechanical watch fun: a sense of kinesthetic identification with the miniature mechanical entity living its own independent life on your wrist.Front of Portugieser Annual Calendar ref. 5035 dial 02

The Annual Calendar feels like a great fit for the Portugieser aesthetic. It’s always been viewed as something of a “pragmatic” complication – though it is as a general rule less expensive to get one than it is to get a perpetual calendar, it’s really in the spirit of pragmatism, not economy, that I think it pairs well with the Portugieser family and with the IWC vibe in general.  The annual calendar is easily set from the crown – no pushers – and the month, day, and date are in three very cleanly done windows up between 10:00 and 2:00 . Some people really dislike the words “annual calendar” on the dial, but this I think is a matter of taste; the lettering is quite unobtrusive and works quite well just as an abstract design element.