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How Much Is An Omega Railmaster Worth?

Like Omega versions, the Omega Railmaster includes a cost. The cost for an Omega Railmaster starts at about USD $3,602.68, with certain iterations garnering 5-digit sums. In the higher end of the spectrum sits bits such as the XXL 18K Red Gold Limited Edition 49.2MM. It boasts a crocodile skin bracelet a stunning red-gold casing, and anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Then there’s the exceptionally rare PAF Railmaster — just 200 such watches exist on the planet. One PAF Railmaster goes for about USD $15,000.
The PAF Railmaster is different from other versions of this Omega Railmaster. Omega’s signature seahorse emblem features an engraving of the letters’PAF’. Its dial is also a curious shade that is located between crimson and khaki brown. Despite a promising concept, Omega stopped the series in 1973 6 years after its launch. Profitability is the reason here. Although it’d attributes that are technologically-advanced, the Omega Railmaster didn’t sell well. Apart from lack of sales, some speculate that the discontinuation happened due to the absence of a date window. Windows are helpful for referencing on the move. They feature on Omega watches like Patek Philippe’s and Tudor’s.
Crucially, there was also the matter of a mismatch in demand and supply. In an age of typewriters and manual transmissions, this Omega Railmaster’s anti-magnetism function was useless to most people. Every couple of years, with that being said, limited editions of the Omega Railmaster are published. The watch is, therefore, arguably still relevant in today’s context. These are some ways to verify the validity of your Omega Railmaster: • Words ought to be spelt properly and evenly dispersed in the dial. Spelling or engraving mistakes may signify a Railmaster is imitation. • Consider its dial — the Omega emblem should be a separate piece of metal attached to the dialup, and not painted on.