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The First dive with the Amphibia

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I’ve been so busy leading kayak tours this summer that I hadn’t had a chance to do any actual SCUBA diving since I bought my Vostok Amphibia. Well that changed this morning!

Did my first dive in way too long out at Rockaway Beach on Bainbridge Island earlier today. Visibility was pretty bad (usual in the summer here) but still got to see a number of interesting critters, such as a Giant Pacific octopus, sea cucumbers, lots of crab, fish, and anemones.

The Amphibia didn’t cause any problems, except for the damn bezel, which I always have problems getting to rotate when I want it to. The face and dials were easily visible however, and it kept ticking away like it’s supposed to.

Overall a fun little dive, I’m still working on a more in depth review of the Amphibia, so stay tuned!