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Patrizzi Talks Only Watch 2009 Video

Patrizzi Talks Only Watch 2009 Video Sales & Auctions

Really soon (6pm on September 24th) it will be time for the Only Watch 2009 watch auction. I summed up the detail a bit here, and here. Click there to get the specs on it all. Frankly I am a bit tired of writing “Only Watch” 2009, but just because there has been so much to say about it. The concept is really cool; your favorite watch makers need to make special unique watches that are then sold to the super elite, and the money goes to charity. The auction is held at the Monaco Yacht show every other year.

Charity is nice and all, but for me it is all about the crazy watches they the brands came up with. This year there will be 34 watches auctioned off. For a watch to be part of the auction it must be the very first in a limited edition (1/XXX), or a totally unique watch specially made for the event. I really enjoyed seeing what the brands put out there, and I look forward to smirking at the prices that will be achieved for the timepieces. There is going to be a heavy amount of alcohol being poured at the event I am sure – which helps lubricate that part of your wrist that signs checks.

Check out this video from that has Mr. Patrizzi talking about the Only Watch 2009 auction. Osvaldo Patrizzi is the guy behind Patrizzi & Co., the auction house and major organizer behind the Only Watch events. The video has lots of shots of the watches. You’ll want to see this unless you were among those people who got to see the watches on their traveling tour around the world. Getting you all excited pre-bidding time. Don’t you love the logo for the event? It is so 1981 cheesy. Some of my favorites for the event are from Omega, Louis Vuitton, Bovet, Gerald Charles, Confrerie Horlogerie, and Chaumet.