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Together with the SEASTRONG collection, Alpina Watches has made diving watch history since the 1960’s if the Seastrong”10″ was already capable of reaching depths of 200m/660ft. In 2015 Alpina shows the Seastrong Diver 300 Chronograph Big Date. A very well readable expert diving chronograph range that is 300m/1000ft water-resistant, immediately recognizable due to the distinctive coloured unidirectional turning diving bezels and its own oversize minute hand for optimal diving period readability. Everything about this model is intended to cope with the most extreme conditions any professional diver may ever encounter, starting with water resistance into no less than 300 meters. That is 1,000 feet under sea level, so that the watch could go to depths no human ever could.
The Extreme Diver 300 was equipped with all essential features that allow owners to acquire the info they need, when they want it, for a safe dive. With this”fail-safe” attribute the number of elapsed minutes can never be accidentally decreased, only improved. Additionally, the 60 minutes mark on the bezel are luminous, as would be the dial indicators, which perfectly contrast against the matt black dial. The watch’s hands are luminous for maximum readability in reduced visibility conditions, and the second’s hand is oversize to securely read diving moment.
The 44 mm stainless cushion shaped steel case, the screw-in crown along with case-back, the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the strong, water-resistant, real leather strap along with the gorgeous engraving of the Alpina diving emblem that the case-back are distinctive functional and aesthetic features matching the demands of sailors and those of regular wear of the watch. The variety comes in 4 distinct models, each having a different bezel colour: bordeaux, grey, navy blue and orange.
The really precise and trustworthy AL-372 1/10th of sec. Swiss quartz chronograph wathes movement comprises 30 and 10 hour chronograph counters, add and split functions, big date and has a standard battery life of 48 months.

Alpina Watches

Alpina, famous for its red noodle touch, is an independent, family-owned fine watchmaking manufacture located in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1883, Alpina’s watchmaking history spans more than 130 years. A real leader of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Alpina has been the source of many inventions, patents and calibers. Alpina invented the concept of the sport watch, as we understand it now, with the birth of its mythical Alpina 4 in 1938. Faithful to its long tradition of creating mechanical calibers, Alpina manufactures, in its own Geneva-based Manufacture, four in-house moves in-house: the Tourbillon AL-980, the World Timer AL-718, the Automatic Regulator AL-950 and the Small Date Automatic AL-710. Alpina’s assignment is to design and engineer luxury sport watches that operate with the best precision and reliability possible from the most demanding sporting environments, such as the Alps.