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UTS 4000M Pacific Horizon Blue Dive Watch

Hand-made German UTS watches are one of those secret tool watch brands that all serious timepiece lovers eventually learn about. Their flagship model range is the 4000M, which now comes with a metallic blue diver as the UTS 4000M Pacific Horizon Blue limited edition dive watch. Produced in Munich, these

UTS GMT 1000M Watch

There are a lot of boutique dive watches available right now, many sporting the same cases, dials and movements. Smaller companies can't afford the cost of a custom design, so after a while many look the same. UTS, on the other hand, makes its own cases from steel ingots; you'll

UTS 4000M GMT Dive Watch

This is the latest watch from UTS Munchen. We've written before about UTS, it's basically the obsessive engineering of Nicolaus Spinner. Do you really need a watch that resists pressure from over twelve thousand feet of water? No, you do not. Do you want one? You just might. Simply called the