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UTS 4000M GMT Dive Watch

UTS 4000M GMT Dive Watch Watch Releases

This is the latest watch from UTS Munchen. We’ve written before about UTS, it’s basically the obsessive engineering of Nicolaus Spinner. Do you really need a watch that resists pressure from over twelve thousand feet of water? No, you do not. Do you want one? You just might.

Simply called the UTS 4,000M, there are two versions, a GMT with the ETA 2893 and a 3-hander with the ETA 2824.

UTS 4000M GMT Dive Watch Watch Releases

Unlike most brands, UTS makes their own cases. Spinner is a mechanical engineer, and personally I have to say that watch-obsessed engineers make the most interesting watches. Think UTS, Damasko, ochs und junior, and probably others. You don’t have to be a mechanical engineer, but it seems to help.

Anyway. The 4,000M is a massive 45mm by 17.5mm, with 6mm AR-coated sapphire crystal, bidirectional ceramic bezel locking system and special glued and screw system for the crystal. Despite the abyssal rating, it does not need a helium escape valve, as the superior case seals preclude helium from ever intruding. SuperlumiNova applied liberally, of course. Weight is 205g on rubber, 305g on bracelet. It looks to be a brick of serious steel.

Personally assembled, tested and finished by Niclaus Spinner himself, in a limited edition of 200. How awesome is that?

List prices are 5,000 Euros for GMT and 4,500 Euros for the 3-hand version. Those are suggested retail, so expect a bit less depending on VAT and currency rates. I’ve confirmed with their US distributor that they are available now.