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Vulcain Cricket Annivesary Heart Automatic Calendar Watch

Vulcain Cricket Annivesary Heart Automatic Calendar Watch Watch Releases

While it is rather pricey this new version of Vulcain’s Cricket Anniversary Heart Automatic calendar watch is a lovey timepiece. Over the last few years their Anniversary Heart models have been stealing my attention. I like the design that is classic but still bold, as well as the emphasis on mechanics. I still feel that Vulcain makes the best mechanical alarm watches around.

One interesting benefit to a mechanical alarm such as this over an electronic one is the sound. While there are some notable exceptions, most electronic alarm watches have an anemic “beep, beep” to them. Vulcain’s Cricket movements make loud buzzing noises and vibrate a bit. I really want to see electronic alarm watches do that as you’ll certainly be aware that your reminder if going off. The Cricket movement’s alarm also goes off for like 15-20 seconds. It all depends on how fully wound the alarm barrel is. That is sort of the down side – each time the alarm goes off, you need to wind it up again.

This new version of the Anniversary Heart watch comes in an 18k rose gold case that is 42mm wide and paired with an anthracite dial. There are sections of the dial that are partially translucent, allowing for a review of the date ring and the movement. The little bits of exposed mechanics in the center of the dial as well as the hints of skeletonization are interesting. The skeletonized dauphine hands are bold and partially lume filled. The watch looks both good for formal occasions and impressing watch nerds alike.

Vulcain Cricket Annivesary Heart Automatic Calendar Watch Watch Releases

Inside the watch is the Vulcain manufactured Cricket V-22 movement. Cricket movements have been refined by Vulcain for something like 60 years now. Each Cricket movement has the time, and an alarm. This model also has the date, and features automatic winding. The rotor is anthracite gray coated and is mounted to the movement using ceramic ball bearings for winding efficiency. The case is water resistant to 50 meters. I wish it was more, but having any water resistance and being able to be loud is a difficult feat for any watch that is made to produce noises.

Overall a very nice watch, it is also very expensive. That isn’t the case for all Vulcain watches, but this Ref. 220536.269L Anniversary Heart Automatic Calendar watch retails for a hefty $41,650.