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Ventus Mori Kickstarter

Ventus Watches, a micro-boutique out of Hong Kong, has just made live their latest Kickstarter project: a 300m rated, slim cased, brass diver called the Mori.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver 300m with Mask

After two hugely successful previous projects – a carbon fiber pilots watch ‘The Black Kite‘, and a brass pilot ‘The Caspian‘, Ventus has decided to move on from pilots watches and they came up with this absolutely gorgeous brass-cased dive watch.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver 300m – On Rocks

Taking inspiration from 1950’s era divers, Ventus aimed to keep the Mori slim and elegant. The dial is highly legible and minimalistic, and the case is small enough to fit under just about any shirt cuff.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver 300m – Case Back

In tribute to the Mori’s vintage inspired design, they’ve stamped an image of an old brass diving helmet onto the case back. I love that they’ve kept the case back so simple, with no text, and the stamping adds a nice depth to the back of the watch.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver 300m – All Models

The Mori will be available in two styles, with two lume options available on each. You can choose your bezel with either a black aluminum insert or stick with pure brass, and either the blue lume or more green hued ‘vintage’ lume.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver 300m – Blue Lume

Blue Lume Option