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TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

This is a pretty good watch to use when making case for the quartz movement. While the concept behind the original perpetual calendar display is unique and simple, it would be hell to accomplish in a mechanical movement. Instead, it is much more practical to have in a quartz based movement, which makes it something people can actually afford. This seems to be the MO behind TX watches, that they emphasize the strengths of quartz watches as opposed to creating watches that you wish had an automatic movement. Plus, they like to indicate that the movements are German designed  – a little fact no one will take issue with. As such, each TX watch has a unique array of functions that would either be impossible or highly impractical to have in a mechanical movement which makes the watches even desirable to watch snobs like me.

Here you have the Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch, that is also know as the TX 400 series of watches. This particular model is the reference T3C301 that identifies the dial color as well as the metal bracelet. Other versions of this watch in different colors or a leather strap are available – each with a distinctly formal attitude. There is a particular reason I like this model the best. It reminds me of the classic “dad’s watch,” but now with more interesting functionality. So let’s explore the first part of that statement. The watch has a thematic resembles to the classic Rolex Datejust. You can see this in the jubilee style metal bracelet and the shape of the case along with the steel and gold tones. The similarities end there, but it is enough to give it that classic man’s watch look. Aside from that you have a useful perpetual calendar that focuses on the week. The month is not always shown, but you don’t need it to be shown all the time. To see what the month is, you press the pusher above the crown and the orange tipped hand moves to the month (as they are written out around the dial) for 5 seconds until it returns to the original position.

The rest of the calendar is laid out in a clever fashion. The orange retrograde hand moves from day to day (of the week) and then back to the original position after Sunday (yes, this is not the American style of when the week finishes and begins, but get over it as it makes sense for most people). The orange hand also points to the date on a disc that turns once a week to keep up with the hand. Thus the same hand shows you the day and the date. Clever! The calendar does not need to be adjusted until the year 2100, a fact that TX really likes to mention, just leave a note to your heir’s heir about this fact.

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The dial on the T3C301 is pretty nicely done – not much else out there at this price range like it. Lots of texturing and layers, while the lume covered hour markers are applied. The hands are well done, but I would have liked for them to contrast a bit more with the dial. This is of course not an issue with the black faced version of this watch. I also like the angled chapter ring which helps add depth and complexity to the dial. The luminant works, but is a bit thinly applied, so expect the best results after the watch has been out in the sun a bit for darkness viewing. For a watch at this price level, I am really impressed by the build quality. It feels solid and well put together – with a good looking polish.

TX put the 400 series watches in a big case, 46mm wide actually. It doesn’t feel so big, but would dwarf a classic Rolex Datejust that was just 36mm wide. The crown is very impressive with its relief “TX’ logo that is something hard to find on watches such as this. Really nice touch. The case is further water resistant to 100 meters and has an almost flush, flat sapphire crustal that looks to have AR coating applied on the back of the crystal. You can tell that the smooth polished bezel, dial accents, hands, and crown and pusher are all gold toned adding to that classic look. The rest of the steel case has some contrasting polished and brushed finishing. The level of polish is pretty good as you notice it distinctly. I want to mention the size of the watch again, because I think if “dad” (which might be you), or someone else in that hegemonic man role thinks the watch is too big in comparison to their old watch… I would simply recommend giving it a try. Then they will find it hard to go back to ‘ol’ small and dainty’ every again.

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

TX 400 Series Perpetual Weekly Calendar Ref. T3C301 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I like the style of the bracelet even though it is pretty “old school.” It still looks good, and retro reminders are cool. It is comfortable and uses butterfly style deployment clasp. While the watch fits on me well, I would have liked there to be a half link (smaller size link that can be removed for more precise sizing) on the bracelet because I appreciate when a company wants everyone to have the most comfortable fit possible with their watches on their wrist. The Japanese are probably the best when it comes to creating watch bracelets with a ton of minute size adjustments, something the rest of the watch world should look at closely.

The TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch shines most when placed on your wrist. It feel right, and the curved lugs keep the watch from looking too big on any wrist – even my smaller wrists. You can see the classic look enhanced by the modern dial is style you haven’t seen before. My feeling is that in addition to those of you who enjoy this watch yourselves, this watch would make the perfect gift for those guys that wouldn’t necessarily buy a watch by themselves, but sorely need an upgrade or replacement. You know who I am talking about… The TX Perpetual Weekly Calendar watch line ranges in retail value from $550 – $575.

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