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The Clerc Hydroscaph H1 Watch Now On A Bracelet

The Clerc Hydroscaph H1 Watch Now On A Bracelet Watch Releases

Clerc just recently released a new version of their excellent entry-level Hydroscaph H1 chronometer diver (you can see our review here).  So what makes this model noteworthy?  Primarily, it’s the bracelet, which is something we’ve not seen on the the line before.

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, the bracelet continues on with the same focus on comfort, courtesy the articulating lugs. I personally like how it seems to carry on both the brushed finishes, as well as the bevels, that we see in the top bezel (and, for that matter, the indices on the dial as well).

While the bracelet will likely serve to enhance the boldness of the piece (read:  a big watch just got a bit bigger), the lines of the bracelet look to be a perfect complement to the overall looks of the Hydroscaph.

This new edition also tones things down a bit on the dial front, with more of a midnight blue taking center stage , with a lighter blue minute hand paired to a grey hour hand.  This may not necessarily be of benefit to those hoping to dive with the watch – but it will be appreciated by those who won’t be taking the watch any deeper than their local pool.

Should you want to dive, however, the 500m WR rating will keep the Calibre C609 movement nice and dry.  Just make sure you remember to set your timing bezel before you head below the waves.  For those unfamiliar with it, there’s an innovative flip-lock lever at the 2 o’clock position that will prevent accidental resets of the bezel when you’re diving, which seems to me like a handy feature to have.

Coming in at a price of $6,600 on the new bracelet (or $5,900 for the rubber strap), this is another sharp entry to the lineup, expanding your options with the new bracelet.