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Reviewing The Best Orange Dive Watches


They offer a very bright alternative to the mass of black and white dialed watches available, and visually pop off of the wrist.A lot of people are completely obsessed with orange dive watches, and for good reason.

Why are bright orange dials so popular on dive watches?

When DOXA first released their SUB diver aimed at both professional and recreational divers,Orange faced dive watches have been a classic look since the 1960’s,.

They chose orange after testing various bright colors at depth to see what offered the best contrast between the dial and the luminous tritium paint used on the hands.

Ever since it’s release, the DOXA SUB has been ‘the orange diver’, which is why their latest watch, the SUB6000T released beginning of this year, is number one on this list.

Can’t afford the DOXA?

Don’t worry, neither can I. I’ve included plenty of mid-range and entry-level watches further down the list, such as the Seiko ‘Orange Monster’ or Orient ‘Orange Mako’.

These are extremely popular and well made watches, and will definitely satisfy your need for an orange dial.

The Best Orange Dive Watches

#1 – DOXA SUB6000T

Best Orange Divers – DOXA SUB6000T


Alternance 10 automatic movement, modified and decorated by DOXA
42 hours power reserve
Satin brushed stainless steel case
1800m (6000ft) water resistance
45mm diameter
47mm lug to lug
15mm thick
Anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal
Helium release valve
Unidirectional bezel with engraved no decompression limits
Stainless steel bracelet