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Must read a magazine about luxury, with an elephants’ back


Just how can independent luxury brands be in comparison to endangered species?

There’s something quite interesting presently happening within the South African Knysna forest. This is where Africa’s last freely living elephant are. Previously, it had been the place to find whole herds but guy hunted them lower 1 by 1, stole their territory and cut lower area of the forest to increase its living area and cultivate new lands. Belatedly, conscious of its mistakes, guy attempted to create new pachyderms from savannahs in to the forest to rebuild a herd. However, these tigers couldn’t adapt to forest existence, due to the weather conditions as well as their size that was not sufficient towards the new atmosphere. These were urgently reclaimed for their natural savannahs. Consequently, Knysna’s is usually the last and just elephant now.


So how exactly does this connect with luxury and independent brands?

The Knysna story may be the first step toward our volume, devoted to independent luxury brands. Using the strengthening from the luxury groups, the present economy and advertising like a primary referrer, it’s tougher for the independent brands to locate their place (especially should they have little if any assets whatsoever). Innovation is the only possibility of differentiation, whether it is when it comes to concept, design and/or benefits or perhaps customer approach. This sometimes requires significant capital and therefore requires the financial participation of foreign traders, using the corollary risks (losing control, the temptation for not aware traders to intervene where they’ve little market understanding). Regardless, with a few very rare exceptions, independent brands are thus made to innovate to be able to remain competitive. It is vital to allow them to continue with the “independence” which makes them so exceptional which allows the craziness within their work. This is exactly what enables them take choices without hesitant and also has a unlimited vision.

The wildlife appears to possess much inspired you?

Everyone knows the storyline concerning the fleas put into a jar without lid (independent brands?). Their natural reaction would be to hop from the container. Inside a second phase, a cover is positioned around the jar. The fleas still jump, touch the lid and fall back to place. After a while, they adjust potency and efficacy and jump in a lower height until they don’t touch the lid any longer.  It’s no more needed for that jar to become closed to be able to keep your fleas from escaping. Because they have learnt to limit their hops and also have modified and recognized their new living condition. This is why independent luxury brands must not be gone to live in a controlled atmosphere) the fleas – in other words the brands – would lose of the originality: the opportunity to constantly goal greater.

When did you choose to write this book as well as in why if it is essential-read?

While searching for books about luxury independent brands’ experience, I came across that there have been really none and that i made the decision to create concerning the matter. I had been mostly thinking about comprehending the phases went through the brands and just what they shared in keeping. I contacted the unknown realm of independent luxury brands along with my pal and co-author, Jonas Hoffman, whose findings were really much like mine. There are deficiencies in references relating towards the subject so we have humbly attempted to rectify the problem. Our volume covers greater than thirty independent brands from various fields. Apart from the watchmaking industry, we’ve centered on luxury add-ons, cars, art, gastronomy and so forth. INDEPENDENT LUXURY relates their journeys, the issues they experienced, like looking for sponsors, distribution systems, financial crisis, pressure exerted by leading groups amongst others. Additionally, it proposes solutions, such as the BA2RE? Approach, for example, inspired from both your own and professional encounters and also the findings and support using their company brands for quite some time.

How has got the book been welcomed?


It’s been released and also the first feedbacks are fantastic. Luc Pettavino, the Leader of just Watch, Christian Blanckaert, the previous vice-leader of Hermes Worldwide, Burak Cakmak, in the Parsons school of design, Alberto Milani, the Boss Americas Buccelatti and journalists in the Economist, Brooke Unger or in the Shanghai Morning Publish, Louise Lei, have recognized the standard of labor and also the real contribution within the knowledge of the independent luxury brands. Jonas and that I have previously received several invites to sign up in conferences within the U.S. States, in Asia – Japan, China and Singapore, in Europe – the UK, Germany and France and in the centre East – Dubai, to intervene on the party’s theme from the development and sustainability of independent luxury brands. This encourages us to pursue our approach and we’ll soon publish another volume.

Where does your inspiration originate from?

I personally happen to be strongly active in the masterpieces and developments of brands in Haute Horlogerie (CYRUS) and luxury add-ons. I place in a lot passion on these developments which I felt like I had been area of the brands. I’ve always attempted to build up finding items/concepts – in the end innovation reaches the heart of success – by trading a wild quantity of energy, as though my existence relied onto it. This is exactly what Stephen Zweig perfectly describes in the famous novella, Amok. The only real difference is the fact that mine would be a professional passion – rather than amorous passion – that is still my driving pressure. This is exactly what I happily submit for that independent brand Carl F. Bucherer. It is among Switzerland’s rare independent brands, still handled through the same family since 1888. For me, it’s a key factor since it is significant and involves a diamond ring of feelings.

Do you know the facets of your past professional encounters that will legitimize that which you authored?


My developments in the watchmaking industry – we’ve won honors in design, creativeness along with other groups – as well as in luxury add-ons will always be effective. Celebrities were a couple of in our first clients for add-ons. Personally, I believe that we owe this success towards the BA2RE? concept we pointed out within the book – B means “BELIEVING”, i.e. have belief, have confidence in yourself as well as your developments, even – and much more – if everybody dooms you to definitely failure. My practical knowledge in the LVMH group has additionally been a large advantage. In 1999, I became a member of the audience immediately after it required within the formerly independent KRUG champagne brand. I had been because of the chance to consider proper care of this logo and to make sure its rise in the Swiss market. I completely loved carrying this out. I labored along with Rémi and Henri Krug, who trained me that there is no special day to spread out a Krug bottle which opening the bottle would be a unique moment by itself. This shows how feelings are significant towards the heart of the trademark.

I additionally gave several conferences about luxury in Asia and Europe throughout the final couple of many I’ve had the chance of writing and submitting articles for European and Swiss magazines and newspapers. Through this, I could strengthen my bond with the field of luxury and independent brands too, consequently of several conferences with worldwide entrepreneurs for that drafting from the articles or throughout the conferences.

Why have you co-author with Jonas Hoffman? Inform us much more about him.


A current Harvard study says in almost any business, chances to achieve success are greater when your number of 2 to 3 persons instead of alone or perhaps in several greater than three persons. Personally, i prefer your group of two. The primary problem, however, is to locate someone you are able to completely trust and agree with an image of development which will last. Jonas Hoffman was the right fit. He’s a Professor in MSc Luxury and Fashion Control over the SKEMA, a lecturer along with a business consultant for famous companies within the worldwide luxury area. He shares my atypical method of luxury.

And in addition, we’re dedicated to what we should do which quality allows us to constantly move ahead. Both of us think that innovation may be the driving pressure associated with a development. Furthermore, we clearly explain the 4 innovation methods that independent companies follow within our publication – “Code Breakers” “Game Changers” “Eagle within the Aquarium” and “Back towards the Roots”. We firmly think that a brand name cannot evolve without finding.

Does he share exactly the same ties with horology?


The truth that Jonas has little experience of the watchmaking industry might make our collaboration appear surprising. But for me, I believe it is really an advantage as Jonas earns a brand new look along with his other strong encounters in various luxury industries. During the last 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel in additional than 80 nations with the aim of developing different the watchmaking industry and accessory brands (having a value beginning from CHF 1’000 to greater than a million) and it wouldn’t make sense to co-author this book having a person getting an identical profile.

After I was at the HEC basic class in the “Centre Worldwide p Valbonne” in Sophia-Antipolis (France), every day I walked within porch which was written an estimate by Paul Valéry which I won’t ever forget: “Let us study from our differences”. This is exactly what Jonas and I’ve been doing: gaining knowledge from our variations. So that as fate might say when I first met Jonas some time later while giving a celebration at SKEMA in Sophia-Antipolis.

Who find the brands pointed out within this book? How were they selected?

We’ve selected brands which, we feel, have huge potentials, like HYT for the watchmaking industry, ENCELADE-1789 for add-ons, W MOTORS for automobiles, MIRAZUR for fine cuisine, for example. However, huge potentials may also mean high risks. A completely independent brand must take a risk – high risks – , to really make a difference. For instance, HYT dared introducing liquids in the actual heart of watches. Which was a significant challenge? Because of its part, ENCELADE reinvented the idea of menrrrs cufflinks which were created using a lot more volume. With this particular, the company introduced the idea of a 360-degree rotation and also the CLIP – an finding and exclusive accessory that’s accustomed to adjust the menrrrs cufflinks of t shirts without concerning the thickness from the fabric.

W MOTORS decided on a very harmful path in which the names of Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. are references within the hyper luxurious area of automobiles. The company makes its way through advanced technologies and extreme attention compensated to personalization to draw in a brand new clientele. During the last 2 yrs, the chef from the MIRAZUR, a cafe or restaurant situated in Menton, France, was chosen first French restaurant within the TOP 50 from the world’s best chefs. But, did you ever hear of MIRAZUR? A few of these brands or names may be tomorrow’s references or otherwise. Nonetheless it’s interesting to help study and do a comparison to be able to begin to see the final results, the commonalities or even the variations, the visions, the significance mounted on innovation and also to Customer Support. Obviously, it is not easy to choose from two brands for the volume but we adopted our BA2RE? Approach of the brand’s development and also to the positioning innovation holds. We clearly needed to use differentiation criteria sensibly so we elected for individuals we’d developed after a period of reflection and findings that finally compensated off.

Aside from HYT, how about the watchmaking industry?

Within our book, we’ve clearly reported other the watchmaking industry brands for example Megabytes&F and Richard Mille which have taken huge risks to create a reputation for them. While they’re completely different, the 2 brands have grown to be references and good examples from the “Think Different” concept. We’ve also pointed out brands that have been not successful for example SLYDE. The second had had the finding concept of allowing the first touch screen watches – at € 5Thousand. However, it had quickly been engulfed within the waves – in other words the tsunami – of Wise Watches. It had been a harsh finish for any brand that developed in the area.

How has your book been distributed?

Palgrave Macmillan, probably the most famous houses, puts out our book. It’s available, in British version, both in soft and difficult cover on mostly all online book stores. A Japanese version is presently being converted.

Have you got other writing projects going ahead?


We’re presently writing a brand new volume and it’ll be released at the beginning of 2017. It’s nice surprises available. Just a little sneak look: we discuss the introduction of a technical tool that allows the calculation of brands’ risks as well as their potentials. We talk about several situation studies of brands that we’re following in very varied (and surprising) fields but nonetheless carefully associated with the posh world. And you will find a lot more surprises waiting for you!