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MCT Sequential One Watch + Video

MCT Sequential One Watch + Video Watch Releases

A new luxury brand on the block is Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT). Luxury brands seem to be popping with regularity these days, so it’s important to notice the unique elements of each. MCT was founded by Denis Giguet, a French engineer who has worked with watch greats such as Rolex and Harry Winston (among others). MCT debuts with its first watch, the Sequential One in a limited edition of 99 pieces. You can view the interview with him in the video below.

Like many new avant garde luxury watch, the Sequential One attempts to stand out by presenting the display of time in a novel manner. In a way that is thematically similar to Urwerk watches, the Sequential watch relies on four aperture windows with revolving triangular panes (you can call them “prism shaped”), thus providing a total of 12 displays. The hours are displayed digitally on these aperture windows, while minutes are displayed in a retrograde fashion on a disc that shifts to feature one of the hour displays. In addition to the similarity that the Sequential One has to Urwerk watches, it is easy to see the Harry Winston Opus line influence, which makes sense given the fact that Giguet operated this division at Harry Winston. The video below shows the watch in action, it is actually quite impressive.

MCT is off to a nice start, and will certainly find its niche. Future watches are already being planned that offer increased complications, such a perpetual calendar, and perhaps a chronograph. I can’t wait to see how these timepieces turn out. Mr. Giguet is well spoken in French, and I am happy to read his thoughts through the subtitles as spoken in his native tongue. This way I can decipher the passion he has for watch making. He has created an impressive new take on the cushion watch case, and implemented it well in the Sequential One.