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What Do You Look For In Affordable Watches?


About a year prior to writing this article, we published an aBlogtoWatch article called “Top 10 Affordable Watches That Get A Nod From Snobs.” The article proved quite popular and has consistently been one of our most read articles each month since then. We’ve actually received more than one request to expand on the article to include more watches that are well-priced but offer not only good value, but that fit within the fussy world of “watch appreciation.”
In that article, I feel as though we pretty well covered most of the types of watches that you should be looking for when on a budget but also attempting to not let down other watch snobs that you might be associating with. With that said, I wanted to bring the conversation to the audience, not only to “Ask The Audience” about other specific watches which are impressive and inexpensive, but also to discuss the types of things people should look for in a cheaper watch that still has some merit. Let me right now clarify that “cheaper watch” is pretty much anything under $1,000, down to perhaps $100 or so.

The world of timepieces is extremely vast, so being able to suggest everything out there which should satisfy the exacting tastes of a watch snob, but that isn’t too expensive, would be an impossible mission. When wanting to buy such a watch, I recommend considering what function you need it for (aside from telling the time). Is the watch meant to impress people at social functions? Is the watch meant to look good in formal attire? Is the watch meant to be durable and perform well in action? Depending on what you are looking for, you’ll be heading down different paths – routes that I know our audience is more than qualified to share with one another.

In the comments below, I invite you to share watch brands, models, or types that you feel are the kinds of products to serve their owner well despite accessible, affordable pricing. First, allow us to poll you on what primary feature you look for in an affordable timepiece.