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Light And Comfortable-Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum Watch

Front of Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum watch

The Decker series of Fossil Watch is inspired by the men’s watches. It is created from Boyfriend collection. But this watch still possess some of the gent’s watches qualities, such as an oversized case, a crisp indexing and a large viewable area. Front of Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum watchFossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum Watch keeps the traditional chronograph style, but the novelty is the fact that this timepiece is constructed of aluminum. This characteristic places the sporty timepiece by Fossil watches somewhere between the traditional and modern timekeeping instruments. Furthermore, the decision to make it out of aluminum makes this watch significantly lighter, and hence, more comfortable.Side of Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum watchThe feminine and sporty timepiece is powered by a quartz movement, which guarantees reliability, but at the same time could be the reason why a dedicated watch enthusiast might look elsewhere when choosing a watch. However, technical abilities and craftsmanship are not the most notable features of this watch. This ladies’ wristwatch from the Boyfriend collection tends to be a fashionable accessory, more than an advanced timekeeping instrument.Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum watch casebackThe quartz movement is fitted into a round case which has a diameter 38 mm wide and 12 mm thick. It is also worth noting that Fossil Decker Boyfriend Aluminum Watch has a capability to withstand water pressure up to 100 meters.

There are four available versions of this product by Fossil watches. The choice of colors certainly contributes to overall feminine look of these oversized sport watches.