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Lady Gaga is the New Face of Tudor Watches


In Germany, Sinn offers their “Tegimented” titanium, which also goes through a hardening process. With all the tools and resources available to Rubber B Tudor and Rolex, I expect that in the future they’re able to deliver metal watches that look fresh a good deal more. I am not sure who else feels that way, but I feel that as soon as you become accustomed to durability features such as that, it is really hard to go back to more fragile metal surfaces.Nevertheless, Tudor is in its finest when machining a metal case. For the money there isn’t any better-made watch case that I know of than those offered by Tudor. Rolex makes them just as well, but of course for more income. The precision machining when it comes to fine angles and delicate differences between completing patterns (including the intersection of two brushed surfaces) is excellent on the Pelagos case. It is a really beautiful thing, and that I understand watch lovers at all experience levels will really come to appreciate Tudor’s handiwork here.The mechanical movement inside of the Pelagos LHD is the Tudor grade MT5612-LHD. Given the crown is reversed, the movement has its own designation. More so, the motion has a silicon balance spring as a portion of this balance wheel that’s held in place with a durable traversing bridge (basically it connects on either side). The motion also offers more regulation than ETA motions, so it can be adjusted to be more accurate. More so, the movement is COSC Chronometer certified — that is actually not too normal for lefty orientation watches (because the job of the crown is taken into consideration as part of the chronometer certification examinations for the movement).

Having only just signed David Beckham and rugby team the All Blacks, Tudor is adding a third name to its roster of brand ambassadors with Lady Gaga.

Tudor’s partnership with the singer and actress known as much for her music as her unusual sense of style is yet another element of its slow but steady strategy of creating a strong and individual identity for itself, one distinct from that of its much larger parent, Rolex.

Having sold almost 30 million albums, Lady Gaga is one of the world’s most famous musicians, with a strong pull amongst the young (and very young). That’s a different audience from that of Beckham and New Zealand’s All Blacks, illustrating Tudor’s careful segmenting of its ambassadors.


While footballer Beckham got the two-tone Black Bay Steel & Gold, Lady Gaga’s official watch is the classic Black Bay with a red bezel.

Tudor Black Bay red M79230R