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i-toc Watch Review

i-toc Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Passion can become your creation in the watch world. Anyone with a heart and some diligence can have their own watches be made and shared with the world. I see many watches that come from just one person’s design efforts, and am each time interested with the result. This is the case with the i-toc watch. It is the founder’s personal statement of modern understatement. I believe the idea was something artistically functional. Giving people who aren’t familiar with the concept a perception of “what is that?” When they first see the watch. They are also artistic. Designer Sean Zoega wanted to make sure the resulting watch based on his ideas was as functional as a “standard watch” without looking the same.

The different is the use of two discs that have white and black (or other color) gradients on them. The point as which they connect is when the hand pointer is located. Has the time passed you get to enjoy a different look of the face – which is one of the major themes that Zoega watch going for. Although the watch does in fact look quite different, it really tells them time in the way you are used to.

i-toc Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

i-toc Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It wouldn’t be an artist’s watch if it didn’t come in a heap of colors. Currently, six colors are available, each with matching gradient dials. The black and white colored watches come on textured black silicon rubber straps, while the rest come on straps matching the color of the case. The straps are comfy to wear and come with a folding clasps that should be as secure as you’d need with the watch. It creates a relatively smooth and seamless look. The downside is that initially you need to cut the strap to size it. This makes it hard to share watches, but additional straps are probably inexpensive to get from i-toc.

i-toc Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The cases are done in light weight anodized aluminum – a material not often used for watches cases. Aluminum is however used common in the rotating bezels of dive watches. You can understand the construction of the case by looking at it. A segment of aluminum wrapped around it create the softly curved edges connected at the rear. Then two segments are added into the sides to complete the watch. An easy to access panel is located on the rear of the watch to get to the battery that powers the Japanese quartz movement. While the case is small, many people prefer that. It is also sized for a man or a woman. It is 41mm tall by 24mm wide, and very thin (6mm thick). The watch feels like more of an artistic statement that a normal watch. Most people will be thrown by the dial design, but it isn’t difficult to understand how to read it

Watches of this nature aren’t for everyone. So if you don’t like it, that is OK, but others of you will love it. Priced at just under $100, and coming in limited editions of just 400 pieces for each color, the watches make unique gifts or interesting additions to your collection. For the artistic person in your life that many not be a traditional watch lover, an i-toc is also not a bad idea. Plus, I have to say that the watches are comfy, light, and unobtrusive, something a bit different than the many much larger watches I have.

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