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Hands-Up With The Roger Dubuis La Monégasque, A Totally In-House Column-Wheel Chronograph With Poinon P Genève Certification


Though I attempt to evaluate watches from the purely objective perspective, La Monégasque from Roger Dubuis helped me think about the peculiar method in which my thought of a wrist watch could be partly affected through the character of the individual putting on that watch. Around the wrong individual, this watch particularly might be a disaster – a foreseeable paean to conspicuous consumption. But around the right person, possibly someone driven by unique preferences running against things as they are, La Monégasque would warrant a more in-depth, but nonetheless critical look, that will reveal an unpredicted quantity of technical substance within.


It isn’t the very best sign, however when you log onto the Roger Dubuis website, the very first factor you hear – hear, avoid seeing – is deep house music. Granted, it may sound like costly deep house, the kind you’d hear at 2:00 a.m. while somewhat conscious inside a booth at L’ensemble des Caves du Roy.

Normally, it is really an indication that the brand is a lot more about expensive than substance, however in the situation of Roger Dubuis, that assumption could be incorrect. Each of the frequently fantastical masterpieces that leave the Roger Dubuis manufacture consists of an in-house movement, fastidiously built, put together, and handle based on Poinon p Genève standards.


Quality RD860 showcases the Manufacture’s penchant for technical movement development and finishing. The self-winding movement with micro-rotor is among three column-wheel chronograph actions presently created by Roger Dubuis.

It consists of as many as 261 parts composed of a movement just 6.8 mm thick by 31 mm across. Seen with the azure very situation back, Quality RD860 is among individuals actions that reminds you aesthetically from the complexity of the watchmaking industry.

It’s Large, And It Is Bold

Having a situation diameter of 44 mm, La Monegasque will not win any honours for size restraint, especially thinking about the compact size of its beautiful movement.

That being stated, as the size is not suitable for a good quantity of watch fanatics, it might be disingenuous to state that there’s nobody on the planet to whom the big situation would not be an ideal fit.


The solid pink-gold situation has a great deal of heft into it featuring both polished and blown surfaces (the second around the sides from the situation and situation back). The situation, at 12 mm, isn’t excessively thick this really is due simply towards the slim movement within.

Of all of the watches in the present Roger Dubuis collection, La Monégasque comes the nearest in design and concept towards the charming and technically meritorious early work of their namesake founder, pre-corporate investment.

Bi-Compax Roulette

Based on Roger Dubuis, La Monégasque is inspired through the famous Monte Carlo resort in Monaco. This influence is biggest within the roulette-table-esque style of the dial, with applied Arabic numbers on black divisions around an angular, concave base. It is a very bold, graphic layout that’s striking from both afar or more close, because of our prime degree of finishing.

While functional, the tachymeter scale round the beveled outermost area of the dial appears like much more of an afterthought. The whitened text and numbers are noticeably jarring about this watch, especially near the subtly black PVD-covered titanium bezel, which may take advantage of more temperance in design.

Cost Conditioning & Preference

Maybe I have become familiar with sky-high costs within this industry, however i expected La Monégasque to are more expensive than its list cost of $41,700.

The standard of materials, production, and movement is great with this cost point. Which raises a good question, an issue that frequently arises whenever we review a wrist watch outdoors of the present watch-guy zeitgeist: “Why don’t you save 17 grand and purchase a Lange 1815 rather?” or “Your hard earned money is much better allocated to a classic 3940G.”

Obviously, in some instances, individuals are fair statements. Frequently enough, brands miss the objective between prices, quality, and technicals as though consumer sentiment wasn’t readily available online. In comparison, brands like Patek Philippe along with a. Lange & S?hne have such evergreen, bulletproof reputations because, well, they’ve pedigree, impressive design, and also the technical abilities to back everything up.

But to point out that individuals well-regarded as brands come with an choice for everybody is similar to recommending that 37.5 mm is the best situation diameter for that people. That being stated, I have faith that customers should demand value when it comes to prices, particularly regarding movement construction and quality. (And based on Cornell financial aspects professor Robert H. Frank, more ultra-luxury customers do so than we initially thought.)


In my experience, this is when Roger Dubuis and La Monégasque easily fit in. Although it does not make my theoretical listing of must-buy watches, La Monégasque implies that if you’re looking for a wrist watch with these niche aesthetic parameters, you do not always need to give up or value.