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Devon Tread 2 Watch: Round 2

Devon Tread 2 Watch: Round 2 Watch Releases

I am pleased that Scott Devon considers my opinion valuable enough to run designs by me and ask me questions about the future of his rather cool high-end electromechanical watch brand. As part of this exchange I learned that the highly-anticipated Tread 2 watch that we saw hands-on on here at Baselworld 2012 was likely to be put on hold. That was distressing to me as the Tread 1 needed a suitable follow-up, in addition to the fact that I liked the Tread 2.

Devon Tread 2 Watch: Round 2 Watch Releases

Nevertheless Scott wasn’t happy with the design of the Tread 2 as it was after Baselworld. The project was re-assessed and it was possible that the Tread 2 wasn’t even going to be released. This was despite the fact that Devon had orders for the watches. There was even a possibility that the Tread 2 was going to be skipped in favor of another model.

In the end, the Tread 2 prevailed, but in a new and more distinct form. The case and concept of the Tread 2 has been re-thought. The tonneau-style case comes in steel with DLC black coated versions in a few colors. This time it has a single sapphire crystal and two, not three belts. The idea is for the watch to be smaller, quieter, more wearable, and less expensive. When it comes out soon, the Devon Tread 2 will have a price under $10,000 (compared to close to $20,000 for the Tread 1), and I look forward to checking it out.

Devon Tread 2 Watch: Round 2 Watch Releases

Tech Specifications from Devon:
• 44.2mm x 41.7mm x 14.5mm 316L
Stainless Steel case
• 1mm thick sapphire crystal
• Water resistant to 10M
• Leather and rubber straps
• .002” thick fiberglass-­‐reinforced Nylon Time Belts©
• Lithium-­‐polymer rechargeable battery lasts up to two weeks on a single charge
• Inductive wireless charging system