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Casio MRW200H

So I just came across this listing for the Casio MRW200H quartz diver style watch, and it immediately caught my eye. An analog dive watch, for less than $20, that has good reviews? And 2500+ of them?

I was surprised I hadn’t heard of this one before. When talking about dirt cheap divers, most people will refer to Casio’s other watch, the MDV106-1A, as the cheapest available.

And they may still be right, since the MDV106-1A has a proper 200 meters of water resistance, while the MRW200H is only rated to 100 meters.

Also, it seems the MRW200H might be lacking any kind of lume on the hands or dial – the item specs say it has it, but some reviews said there was none. ( edit: There is! Pretty decent too. See my review of the MRW200H)

But still, it’s got a rotating bezel (Amazon says unidirectional, Casio says bi-directional), day and date windows, and a decently readable face, so I just had to go ahead and order it so I can give it a whirl. Let’s see how much abuse a $15 diver can take.

Supposed to be here by Friday, so stay tuned!

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