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Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch

Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch Watch Releases

Earlier in 2014 we showed you the newest creation by Breva, their Genie 02 Altimeter watch with a hands-on look. It followed up the Genie 01 watches from 2013 that included a barometer. For Baselworld 2014, Breva is adding an additional version of the Genie 02 with the Genie 02 Air produced in a titanium case that has been coated in black and bears slightly different dial and calibration.

The Genie 02 is a rather complicated watch given the fact that it has a mechanical altimeter in it. When Breva originally released the Genie 02 they tried to pen it as a watch for use on high mountains while skiing to check your altitude. I figured it made a bit more sense for them to focus on it being an aviation watch. So that is exactly what they did with the Genie 02 Air.

Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch Watch Releases

Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch Watch Releases

Breva needed to rework a few things on the Genie 02 in order to make it suitable as a flying versus skiing watch. Aside from the hip, dark color scheme, the altitude scales have been adjusted for a wider range. The Genie 02 has a scale that goes up to 5,000 meters while the Genie 02 Air has a scale that goes up to 15,000 meters.

As an aviation watch, I think the Genie 02 Air makes a bit more sense given the complication and who it is useful for. The Genie 02 Air in many ways is the ultimate cool mechanical toy. I doubt anyone would use it as a life-saving instrument, but as a back up to an electronic instrument it might be cool to wear on the wrist while flying, either as a pilot or passenger. I do suggest that you click on the link above to learn more about Breva and the Genie 02 altimeter watch in general. Price is $132,000.

Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch Watch Releases

Génie 02 Air Technical Specifications from Breva

Hours, minutes, small seconds, large-scale altitude indicator, precision-scale altitude indicator, power reserve indicator, air pressure valve, equalizer seal indicator, altitude scale adjuster.

Case, Dials and Strap
Case material: black titanium G5
Dimensions: 44.70 mm x 16.10 mm
Number of components: 88
Crowns: winding setting crown at 9 o’clock, altitude corrector at 2 o’clock, air valve at 4 o’clock
Crystals: sapphire crystal and display back treated with anti-reflective coating on both sides
Dials: black grained indexes and numbers in three-dimensional Super-LumiNova
Altitude scales: available in metric (meters) or imperial (feet) measurements
Water resistance: 30 m
Air valve with Teflon moisture-resisting osmosis membrane
Strap and buckle: natural rubber strap with titanium tang buckle
Calibrations: altitude calibrations available in either meters or feet

Proprietary movement developed exclusively for Breva by Jean-François Mojon/Chronode
Diameter: 38.10 mm
Number of components: 415
Number of jewels: 45
Balance frequency: 4 Hz
Dual aneroid capsules specifically developed to derive altitude from air pressure
Power reserve: 65 hours