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An Interesting way to use a Swiss watch


East your vision around the 2015 Breitling B55 Connected Watch that connects via Bluetooth for your smartphone… in ways you would like it to. This really is pretty interesting news along with a very clever (for me) method for a recognised Swiss watch maker like Breitling to say itself like a modern brand but additionally respect the functionality of the stand alone watch. To know the Breitling B55 Connected watch you need to know the Breitling Cockpit B50 watch (here) that’s also relatively recent.


The Breitling Cockpit B50 had Breitling create a new Superquartz movement which was only at them and featured a chargeable battery and a few extra functionality in comparison for their existing Superquartz-based watch by having an ETA movement. It had been so near to a smartwatch… but simply shy of getting real connectivity. Now only a couple of several weeks later, prior to Baselworld 2015, Breitling more-or-less updates exactly the same watch towards the Breitling B55 Connected, and unless of course the prices is extremely different, I’d most likely state that the B50 may not be as attractive, based on what you would like related to it.


So the most crucial question you ought to have is, “is that this a smartwatch?” Kind of… I am inclined to think about a smartwatch like a watch that connects together with your phone to be able to display information out of your phone for example notices, etc… For that Breitling B55 Connected, your phone watching do contact each other, and do share some bits of data, however the Breitling B55 Connected isn’t about providing you with skipped call notices or monitoring your everyday steps. Think about your smartphone using the Breitling B55 Connected application to function as a kind of handheld remote control for that watch, permitting you to definitely rapidly update time and calendar, and much more-or-less adjust all of the configurations for example sensors, timezones indications, and also the various time measurement functions the Breitling B55 Connected has (like calculating flight occasions). This can be a pilot watch, in the end, so the majority of the functions center around flight.


Why perform a positive factor to own your phone seize control of the watch? Basically, it comes down to making the watch designs and procedures better to take advantage of. Many of us agree the watch is not just appealing to use, however a really convenient place to look at information. It is also a very precise instrument. With nevertheless, if the involves complex analog-digital watches with hands and a pair of LCD screens, modifying all the designs and ultizing the functions for his or her maximum extent certainly requires a bit of the training curve. While using Breitling B55 Connected watch, Breitling has already established a substantial and extremely practical a part of enabling your phone to simplify the customer experience with the complicated watch…. now, if possibly Breliting had one of these brilliant for Navitimer therefore i might really use that slide rule.


The Breitling B55 Connected is available in a 46mm wide black-covered titanium situation. The dial is nearly just like those of the Cockpit B50 but there’s a blue “connected” symbol around the dial that appears just like a wi-fi compatability symbol. This element will without doubt be one of the more questionable aspects of the look. I am confident there might have been a slicker method of doing that, but maybe personally, it’ll look really awesome. Otherwise, you’ve got a rather standard modern Breitling look that’s very functional-searching and masculine.


Breitling also refers back to the movement within the watch because the quality B55 – which is stated like a “manufacture quality.” I am certain it’s only at Breitling, but that a few of the electronics are actually created in-house at Breitling in Europe. This is actually the listing of movement functions from Breitling: “formally chronometer-licensed through the COSC, thermocompensated SuperQuartzTM, digital and analog 12/24-hour LCD backlit display. 1/100th of the second chronograph, Matched Universal Time (UTC), Countdown/Countup (or MET Mission Passed Time), flight time chronograph, lap timer chronograph, electronic tachometer, countdown, second timezone, 2 daily sensors, perpetual calendar with week display, battery charge indicator.”

If you are looking at the Breitling B55 Connected, I strongly encourage you to check out previous article (associated with above) around the Cockpit B50 to educate yourself regarding the timepiece, for example the best way to tilt your wrist to activate the backlight. Not really a new function within the plan of watches, but we all do all applaud once the Swiss get caught up (and frequently get it done better… as well as for more income). I more-or-less begin to see the Breitling B55 Connected because the ultimate G-Shock, and in this way.


I anticipate having fun with the Breitling B55 Connected myself, since i have am excited to think about the options. I’ve got a feeling by using an application manipulating the timepiece’s functions via Bluetooth, along with a battery that last several weeks (instead of hrs) this will probably be a really interesting merger from the smartwatch world and also the traditional Swiss sports watch world. If there’s a higher-finish quarta movement watch to possess in 2015, it may be the Breitling B55 Connected. No cost yet, but I’ve got a feeling it will likely be much like those of the B50. So figure a cost within the $8,000 range for that Breitling B55 Connected within the black titanium situation on the strap.