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Alexandre Meerson Altitude Officer small seconds 101-OEJY – watch review by ESCAPEMENT


I’ve lengthy since been a follower of high fashion. This might seem a peculiar admission for any middle-aged heterosexual guy to create, but it’s true. Like a teen at school, the walls of my student accommodation were embellished with plenty of pictures of incredible male sartorial designs photos of dresses cut around the prejudice. Ironically, it had been high fashion which spurred my imagination lengthy before haute horlogerie grew to become the focus of my obsessive character.


Studying A-levels and maritime studies at Fleetwood Maritime College, I cut a dashing estimate my embroidered waistcoats and block color clothes. The ritual of going to the neighborhood newsagent and collecting my pre-purchased copy of Harpers & Full, plus a situation of 36 Cent bars, remains an intense memory indelibly etched on my small mind. I frequently considered work in design, but recognized in an initial phase I didn’t have the required talents to ever turn it into a reality.

‘Haute couture’ will not be wrongly identified as ‘fashion’. The 2 are frequently pointed out within the same breath through the ill-informed but they’re two disparate organizations.

‘Fashion’ is really a disposable commodity that is thrown aside using the arrival of the year. It’s inherently obsolete along with a advertising tool to inspire repeat purchase. Designs are produced for that public and also the foolish follow like lemmings, attempting to comply with a perceived norm without ever thinking on their own.


‘Haute couture’ however is suffused with durability and individuality. It might evince a character or appear avant-garde in character; however it won’t suffer the indignity to be labeled passé at some future point.

A couple of years back, I recall attending a Dior exhibition and marveling at high fashion masterpieces created for late Katherine Hepburn and Diana, Princess of Wales. Each magical creation demonstrated the prowess of Christian Dior at emphasizing the female form and enhancing beauty with clothes which homogeneously fused using the body.


The question of the ‘haute couture’ isn’t basically the job from the designer; it’s so a lot more. It’s the collaborative efforts from the vendeuse, the pattern cutter, the dressmaker, the tailor and also the designer which leads to a matchless outfit.

Alexandre Meerson and the eponymously named watch company clearly comprehend the notion of high fashion, something he lately evaded in my experience throughout our meeting in the company’s Surrey-based headquarters.


The very first aspect I observed when placing an Alexandre Meerson watch on my small wrist was body. The corporation clearly knows that ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ have vital importance. Every facet of the situation design, strap and pin buckle is made to accord a sublime union using the wrist as though it were a couture creation made solely because of its individual. In certain respects, that’s not even close to the reality. Although the situation design is serially created, the customer, is approached publish purchase and asked for any ‘fitting’ by having an brilliantly sized strap, provided free of charge, in both over 30 skins. Indeed, the idea of bespoke is greatly area of the Meerson DNA.


Throughout my visit I had been just like a child within the proverbial ‘candy store’. A comprehensive variety of models were given to me, a few of which engaged beside me. Indeed, within the coming several weeks I believe I’ll be coming back towards the maison to sample much more of its wares and review further models.


The focus of the ‘hands-on’ watch review may be the Meerson Altitude Officer Small Seconds Reference 101-OEJY, having graphite dial with small seconds display and combined with a titanium situation.