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Best Brands For Men’s Style On A Budget

10-Essential-Items-Under-100--tallMost men don’t have millions of dollars in the bank.

And building an interchangeable wardrobe can be expensive!

It seems like everything that is of great quality……

doesn’t sell at an affordable price.




Well – let me help alleviate a little bit of that frustration today.

Here are ten of my favorite menswear items under $100.

Click Here To Watch The Video – Top 10 Items Under $100

Click Here To Watch The Video On YouTube – Best Brands Under $100

And yes – every item on this list has been tested and worn by me!

Classic and iconic is how a man’s watch should be.

I’ve stated time and again how essential timepieces are to a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Not only are the watches functional but they are an added detail of sophistication and class. From a style perspective, a watch should be

  • Well-constructed using robust materials for straps and casings
  • Classic design that will work well with sporty, casual, or formal looks
  • Have separate interchangeable parts – bands/straps are going to wear out over time. Offering them separately is a must. This also will help you get more wears out of it as the leather bands can be switched to match your outfit.
  • Affordable – use code RMRS for a great discount!

The 5th Watches have been a friend and sponsor for the last year.  They got me back into watches after a ten year hiatus, and for that I give them my number 1 spot on this list!

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Belts are often overlooked.

They shouldn’t be.

Belts help create continuity for an outfit. Yes, they are necessary to keep your pants perfectly placed on your waist – but they are also there to keep the aesthetic crisp.

Anson Belt & Buckle has been my go to belt for over seven years……and they sell at a fantastic price!

Key Features:

  • Wide range of combinations – any belt goes with any buckle and can be easily interchanged!
  • The micro-adjust system is comfortable and gives you a MUCH better fit than the traditional hole system.
  • Canvas straps have 13 different colors and cloth straps has 3 different multicolored options

Anson Belt

What I love about Anson Belt & Buckle is that you can build your own belt to suit your needs for that day or trip.

Oh – and did I mention they sellat an amazing price and the packages are an even better deal.  From an interchangeability standpoint you want at least 3 straps and 3 buckles – this gives you 9 combinations!!!

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Picture courtesy of

Undershirts are not typically thought of when it comes to being stylish. However, their use is more than practical. An undershirt can help you with

  • Insulation from the cold weather
  • Keeping sweat stains off of your outer shirt during the warm seasons
  • Help the outer shirt lay flat on your chest and shoulders
  • Help slim the stomach

As such, your undershirt should be well made and comfortable. Ribbed Tee has achieved this by using patented technology to keep you as comfortable as possible. Design technology such as

  • Supima Cotton that absorbs and ventilates
  • Moisture wicking 50/50 blends
  • Longer back tails so that shirt stays tucked in

These details allow the shirts to fit perfectly and keep you cool and dry. They work for tall and short guys.

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OK – so I am cheating here.  I’m going to list out a few of my favorite brands – the makers of the shirts I love so much I pull them out of the dirty laundry (sometimes!).

Tailor Store

Ministry Of Supply

Grand Frank

Criquet Shirts

Suit Supply

It’s no secret that I prefer tailor made shirts. They just fit better and have more fabric options.

Tailor Store is a great option. All you need to do is to know your sizes and you can build your shirt with every detail approved by you.

Ready-to-wear shirts can be well made toobut make sure to look for quality indicators such as:

  • High stitch per inch count (above 14)
  • Quality fabrics from well-known mills
  • A variety of fits, patterns, and collar options

The significance of hygiene cannot be overstated.

What good is it to have a great looking outfit but have a mouth that smells like a dumpster?

The WaterPik can and Sonic Toothbrush can help with that.

WaterPik is a water flosser that shoots a warm high powered stream of water between your teeth. The device is especially helpful if you have big hands and are not able to floss between all of your teeth because they don’t fit in your mouth.

Overall I felt this combination was a great deal and so far this device has held-up well to my testing!

The Rogue Wallet makes this list as I’ve used it hundreds of times over the last few years and it continues to deliver.

What I really like is their Front Pocket Wallet. This piece has been specially designed to fit in the angular front pocket. Talk about convenience! You no longer have to deal with the awkwardness of leaning to the side to get to your wallet when at the drive thru.

Rogue Wallets also have

  • Traditional wallets
  • Money clips
  • RFID blocking card sleeves – allows you to protect your data on your card from theft.

Traveling has become a chore for the stylish man. All of the regulations that now exist make it difficult to bring what you need. To help with that you need a great toiletry bag for your travels. Blue Claw Dopp Kit is one that I am fond of. They are made with

  • Duck Martexin original wax canvas – give the fabric lifelong resistance to wear and inclement weather
  • Domestic full grain leather
  • Low lead solid brass
  • YKK Zippers
  • Nylon pack cloth for water resistance and is virtually abrasion proof.


The Dopp Kitts come in 9 different styles and have rugged yet contemporary aesthetic to them.

Use Code RMRS for 20% Off ANYTHING at Blue Claw

No man’s wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of jeans that fit well and are elegantly designed. Mott & Bow Jeans fit the bill. They offer premium quality denim at a reasonable price.

The care that they take in producing their pieces is remarkable. Mott and Bow uses techniques such as:

Resin application – resin is sprayed on or jeans are immersed in it to create a rich wash

Oven curation – heat helps set the resin

Hand scraped to create the look of normal use

Sprayed within the scrapes to provide a strong contrast

Pining and tying for further character

Washing with pumice stones

Mott & Bow offer 3 different fits and have an online fitting guide. They also offer a try-on program that will allow you to order 2 different sizes to make sure you get the correct fit without any lag time. Return the pair that doesn’t fit for free.

Oh – and did I mention we have a 20% off code you can use?  RMRS20

The athletically built gent has a hard time finding pieces that fit perfectly without the added time and cost of tailoring.

The Performance Shorts by Strongbody Apparel are an answer to this problem. These shorts are perfect for the rugged gent. They can be worn at the gym or on a casual summer date. This is all because of the construction and design.

The Performance Shorts are engineered with performance technology that consists of:

  • Antibacterial treatment that fights odor
  • Front zip pocket for keys and wallet – perfect for when you go to the gym
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Chafe-free seams
  • Fabric has a UPF 50 rating for ultraviolet radiation protection

As a stylish gent, it’s reasonable to assume that you have amassed a collection of accessories and trinkets that keep you sharp.

Some may come in storage containers and others may not. You need somewhere to put all of those items and a dresser caddy by Colonel Littleton is a great choice.

These are handcrafted from Italian leather and are held together by solid brass rivets. The dresser caddy has a personalization option. You can get your initials stamped into it. These make great gifts and will help you keep your trinkets organized.

Curious as to who is Col. Littleton?  Click here to listen to my interview with him.

Hair is just as important to men as it is women. As such, great hair care products are always in demand. Pete & Pedro is the happy marriage of salon quality products with a quirky personality.

Using these products will have your hair manageable and healthy – with great style to boot. This is because Pete & Pedro is:

  • Paraben free
  • Fortified with antioxidants
  • Shaft strengthening vitamins
  • Essential oils
  • Packaged in recycled plastic
  • Not tested on animals

Oh – and did I mention I have a buy 2 get one free deal for you here – click to claim your free container of gel, clay, cream, paste or pomade!