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Waltham AeroNaval AN-01 43mm Watch Hands-On

The still newly relaunched Waltham watch brand recently released their second major model family with the Waltham AeroNaval AN-01 43mm collection. Smaller and lower-priced than the brand’s beefier 47mm-wide AeroNaval collection (aBlogtoWatch review here), the Waltham AeroNaval AN-01 43mm also comes in a range of colors that offers a personality-rich

Waltham Aeronaval CDI Black Matter Watch Review

In 2014, Waltham watches came back - and today, I will be reviewing the Waltham Aeronaval CDI Black Matter. Do I mean that old pocket watch maker, Waltham? Yes, this is sort of the same Waltham of Massachusetts, USA, that started in the mid 19th century and was one of

Climbing Mount Aconcagua With Waltham Watches: Part 1

All images courtesy of Owen Davies ( The below post is by Hugh Taylor who, along with partner Luke Blezard, will climb Mount Aconcagua - the highest point in the Western and Southern hemispheres at an elevation of 6,960 meters (22,837 feet). They are climbing to support the "Dream Big, Rise Higher" charity,

Climbing Mount Aconcagua With Waltham Watches: Part 2

In December 2015, Hugh Taylor and Luke Blezard attempted to climb Mount Aconcagua in the Argentine Andes, the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas, at 6,962m. As well as raising money for two South American charities, Haciendo Camino and Help them HOPE, they wanted to find out how mechanical watches stood