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Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood Watch With Ebony Wood Bezel Hands-On

The Urwerk UR-110 Eastwood is the latest – and reportedly final – iteration of the award-winning UR-110 “Torpedo," which turned heads and blew minds when aBlogtoWatch first wrapped it around our wrists back in 2011. Thankfully, the Swiss horological wizards at Urwerk are giving the UR-110 a proper send-off with

Urwerk UR-105TA ‘Clockwork Orange’ Watch Hands-On

Urwerk is a company known for striking designs, and the Urwerk UR-105TA "Clockwork Orange" watch is no exception. Industrious and highly engineered, this piece demands your attention with the unique styling and memorable face. From the novelty of the turbines to the amazing satellite hours, this watch is truly extraordinary, so let's

Urwerk UR-210 CP ‘Clou De Paris’ Watch Hands-On

Whenever we talk about Urwerk, it’s par for the course to say that these spectacular machines have just got to be seen to be believed. The newest release from their mad scientists, the Urwerk UR-210 CP “Clou de Paris," is no different, with a black and textured visual refresh. Last time, we saw

Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Watch Hands-On

With the release of the Urwerk EMC Time Hunter, the brand takes its self-designated responsibility as the architects of eccentricity to a different level. Interestingly, that level involves being the only offering from the brand to have traditional time indication with hour and minute hands. It's hard not to be impressed with their

Urwerk EMC TimeHunter X-Ray Watch

When Urwerk released their EMC watch in 2013, many were dubious as to whether it was a serious watch or not. Those fears were set aside once we got to check out the Urwerk EMC watch in person, and we felt the same whimsical fascination with the follow up, the

Urwerk UR-105 T-Rex Watch Hands-On

Established in 1995 by brothers Felix and Thomas Baumgartner, Urwerk has steadily gained recognition over the years for their unusual and boldly designed watches. Their first major release was the UR-103 in 2003. The UR-103 was notable because it combined the centuries-old wandering hour complication with a truly avant-garde case

Urwerk UR-105 ‘Raging Gold’ Watch

Founded in 1995, Urwerk is one of the more avant-garde independent watch brands. In 2005, Urwerk was asked by Max Büsser, who was then the managing director of Harry Winston Rare Timepieces, to work on the seminal Opus V. And in 2011, the brand’s UR-110 watch won “Best Design Watch” at

Urwerk UR-T8 Watch

For 2017, the technically inspired, avant-garde watchmaker Urwerk is releasing their Urwerk UR-T8 watch to mark the 20th anniversary of the brand. A notable feature of the Urwerk UR-T8 is that it allows for the case to be flipped, kind of Reverso-style, to display the titanium caseback facing up while hiding/protecting