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LAST CHANCE: Traser Red Combat Watch Giveaway

You have less than a day left to enter for a chance to win the Treaser H3 Red Combat watch. Perhaps one of the best tool watches around, Traser makes exclusively tritium gas tube illuminated timepieces for professional use. Click here to enter for a chance to win one by

Watch Winner Announced: Traser Red Combat

We congratulate Gary F. from Lancashire, England who was the lucky random winner of the Traser Red Combat watch we gave away on aBlogtoWatch last month in February. Please check our March Victorinox Swiss Army Officer's Day/Date Mechanical watch giveaway here. SOURCE:

Watch Winner Review: Traser Red Combat

The February 2014 aBlogtoWatch giveaway was for a Traser H3 Red Combat watch. Our fortunate winner was Gary F. in England and he has followed-up with some images and thoughts about his pretty cool new Red Combat tritium-lumed timepiece:  As I took this watch out of the box my wife

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Traser Classic Automatic Master

This month on aBlogtoWatch, you have a chance to win a Traser Classic Automatic Master - an interesting hybrid design which melds the utility of a tactical field watch with the versatility of a more formal dress watch. The Traser Classic Automatic Master is also one of the few mechanical

LAST CHANCE: Traser Classic Automatic Master Watch Giveaway

Just three more days to enter for a chance to win a Traser Classic Automatic Master Watch this month on aBlogtoWatch. For your chance to win, please visit the Traser Classic Automatic Master watch giveaway page here. SOURCE:

Traser H3 Officer Pro Watch Review

Traser H3 watches are known to most enthusiasts for their use of tritium tube illumination. This connection is a natural fit as Traser is a subsidiary of MB-Microtec, the very company that developed the illumination technology that we see used in their watches. Traser calls their specific version of this

How Glow-In-The-Dark Tritium Gas Tubes Are Made At MB-Microtec

Seeing how tritium gas tubes are made will surely remain among the coolest experiences I have had on these horology-related manufacture visits. Tritium gas tubes are these extremely tiny (about 0.5mm thick and at least 1.3mm long) glass tubes that are filled with (mildly) radioactive tritium gas – although, as we will see, there

WATCH WINNER REVIEW: Traser Classic Automatic Master Watch

In March of 2015, the monthly giveaway watch on aBlogtoWatch was a Traser Classic Automatic Master watch. The winner was Sylvain D. from Miami, Florida, USA, and after enjoying his new timepiece, he has shared with us a watch winner review for you – the aBlogtoWatch audience. Thanks to Sylvain and all