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Hands On-TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Chrono

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Chrono

TechnoMarine unveiled many appealing watches to attract an audience of young, hip consumers hungry for something new. The Cruise Sport collection is their attractive one. Our curiosity piqued we decided it was time to get our hands on one and have a closer look. After speaking with TechnoMarine’s ever-accommodating Director of

Adventurers Beloved-TechnoMarine Rose Gold Watch

The TechnoMarine Cruise collection is built for adventurers who are crazy for outdoors activities.Just like this timepiece , with vibrant style as well as superior engineering. This watch case with rose gold and have a replaced strap,at the edge of frame it use diamonds to decorate . In terms of  appearance,this watch is fashionable and water

Pop Art TechnoMarine Cruise Britto Collection Reminds Us Of Novel Swatch Watches From The 80’s


Brazilian Artist Romero Britto has recognition in lots of art circles because his work combines styles valued by many people. Though he's their own distinct look, it's all heavily affected by Picasso cubism, Roy Lichtenstein pop art, Japanese pop art, along with a "world" urban happy feel. I'd state that