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Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch Hands-On

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Like many modern watchmakers, Corum Original Watches has had an interesting time over the last few years. Through ups and downs, the brand circa 2016 is rediscovering itself as well as recalling some of the personalities that made the modern brand interesting. Corum of old (like 10-15 years ago) was

Corum Chargé d’Affaires Watch Hands-On

Corum Chargé d'Affaires Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Recently Corum Watch Straps formally announced their limited edition Chargé d'Affaires set of watches as the newest piece in their Heritage collection. This is a piece perfect for vintage lovers. What Corum essentially does is modernize the design of an actual watch from the 1950s, but uses the exact same